Velodyne Vfree Wireless Bluetooth Headphone, Portable And Customizable Headphone

Most of the headphone out there are slightly difficult to fit right to your ears. But this Velodyne Vfree wireless bluetooth headphones has plastic headband that allows certain range of movements to make it more comfortable to your ears. If you like to have various option for the look of this headphone, you can have nine skin option to choose to match your style. With sleek design on the outside, people might get surprised with the quality of bass system within its small ear cups. Whether you are a fan of jazz music or slow pop, or even if you use this headphone to watch movies, you will get a clear and crisp audio from this Velodyne Vfree. The glossy plastic design however, might be a little annoying for some people because it will get smudges and fingerprints easily after a few times. This will require you to clean it often to maintain its shiny beauty.

The soft padding on the inside of the cups as well as around the headband, will make you more comfortable while using it for a long time. The plastic design also helps you to find the right place for this headphone on your head. Beside using it wirelessly with bluetooth, you can also use it with the cables that included on the pack. This option is great in case you run out of battery while on wireless mode and you can’t find source of power to charge it. You can find 3.5mm jack on the left ear cup. And you only need to fold it to save space when you bring it traveling.

One the right ear cup you can find LED indicator that shows you the status of your headphone. There is also volume control feature and other multifuntion button as well as other buttons with various functions such as to play or pause track, and to accept or reject incoming calls.

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