Duplex (coated)

Duplex (coated)]
Duplex material is easily distinguished from the other ingredients, type Duplex paper has one side white and the other side (the back) gray. Duplex Paper is commonly used as the base type of memorandum book, and particularly for the manufacture of packaging box because the price is relatively cheap compared to other materials.

Ordinary printed only one side, on the side of the colored Puth. Gramasi commonly used 250gr, 270gr, 310gr, 350Gr, 400g


Ivory paper is paper that is safe for pabrik karton box use as a FOOD PACKAGING. Ivory paper has two sides are white with different textures. one side fine-textured and the other side a little rough like HVS.
Typically used for the Ivory Paper Packaging Box or because it is quite thick and sturdy. And that makes it more Ivory Paper demand is, the impression of “Exclusive” her. Packaging of food in the restaurant now too many are using paper as the base material Dus Ivory Their food, in addition to safe for food, this paper also has kesain more exclusive. Gramasi commonly used is 210gr, 250gr, 300gr, 350Gr. The use of ivory paper now much in demand, especially in the manufacturing process or Dus Food Paper Bag. In addition to its thickness, this paper also turned out to be one type of paper is Food Grade (Not harmful to food consumed). So this paper is very suitable to be used for a restaurant-restaurant that wants to sell food to take home by the consumer.

    Corrugated  or K brain Cardboard Wave (KKG) Carton Box Tool packaging shaped box made of one or several sheets of kraft paper liner and medium paper as a coating wavelength.
The presence of a layer of corrugated is what distinguishes a box of corrugated board with cardboard boxes, such as Solid Board Box etc. KKG is a transport packaging or packaging distribution of the most commonly used today. This paper can also be coherent with duplex paper and can print full color. Packaging can create cakes etc Bandar Judi.

 for the purposes of cardboard there are three types:
1.single wall
– a-fluted
– b-fluted
   – c-fluted
   – e-fluted
   – f-fluted
2.double wall
3.triple wall

ie the number of waves in the material, the more it will be even stronger wave

Samson Kraft

Paper materials derived from the recycling process, has a brown color modes and there is also a dark brown. Commonly used for wrapping paper, but because it sounded classical material is also widely used for the manufacture of paperbag, hangtag, because basically brown color, usually printed 1-2 colors only. Gramasi commonly used 150gr, 220gr (carton)

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