Turn off Hape When Need

Let not, silent just scared while watching nothing, kept ringing tone you times, then all eyes were fixed on you, can you imagine? So let me safe through silent.

Replace Ear

Bring cotton but or buds, movies online hd if your ears are still less sane, because the ear plug is the most important thing, before going into the cinema room, you will be reminded, check the tickets, and hear the natural voice calls.


When Watching Movies

There are sometimes as he had several times to movies, and can be said to be a professional in terms of watching a movie, so do things – things that bother other spectators. So you should pay attention to it – the following, not to interfere with other people who are watching

Commenting on the scene like a mamak – mamak watching soap operas

Do not like to guess the course of the story in a new film that you watch, I’ll be disturbing other spectators, maybe you have the talent so the director but not so. Watch wrote with wisdom, if you want to guess the story, guess inwardly wrote.

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Put the foot on the head of the audience in front

Put the legs into the bleachers alone is prohibition, leg supposedly you’re at the head of the audience, invites a fight that was his name. Berprilakulah polite, respect the other spectators, never learned the lessons of tolerance in PKN right?

Boker in the bleachers

If you already have the need, just run to the toilet, not in the hold of fear to miss the movie, but when all the toilets do not disturb other spectators, try apologizing if not forgiven wait Eid, may your days until Eid next year. Cara Daftar Sbobet

Main phone or equal telponan mamak

Want to watch ya nontonlah do not play phone, do not pulak nelpon mamak at home because you’ve managed to watch the latest movies in theaters, if there are any important call you and be answered immediately, keep your voice down.

Camping in theaters

Perhaps because the soul burning time in the dark, you immediately set up a tent and burn bonfire in the cinema, do not. Dark cinema because it must focus to the big screen, so do not sleep.Sometimes there are people, AC overslept, because at home we do not have air conditioning.

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