Tips Brought Into Photographic Equipment Aircraft

Bring photographic equipment into the air or into the aircraft cabin is a necessity that must be done photographer. Beginning in 2016 shocked incident reporting loss of goods – goods belonging to passengers at the airport, and can make anyone be added vigilant and careful – careful if you do not want the goods – valuables were taken while on holiday or working, lost somewhere. Best digital camera 2017

If you’ve read my previous post about, ” Can carry a tripod into the aircraft cabin? “This post deals with a similar photographic equipment, but adding equipment such as cameras, lenses to be brought into the aircraft cabin.


Prepare Special Camera Bag

Prepare a special bag camera that comes with the room – a room with a divider / sleeve to separate the camera and lens, such as bag-type suitcases (suitcase), backpack (backpack), messenger bag (shoulder bag). If necessary, add Bubble Wrap as an added protection to avoid conflicts when it is placed to the floor or a table inadvertently.

2. Bring Cameras and Lenses Moderation

Bring what’s important to you as to the location, for example 2 cameras as backup / backup when the first camera was not working, 2 or 3 lens is enough. Plus a memory card, camera batteries, cleaners, and flash if the flash into the equipment carried. Make sure the equipment is not too bad when you carry it, be it due to its weight and so forth.

3. Remove the Lens Of Camera

For a while, remove the lens from the camera if it is not time to use or to location.

4. Bring the Battery Moderation

DSLR or mirrorless camera battery is not big and flashy, the rules allow the airline may not carry the battery more than 3-4, but for the battery size DSLR or mirrorless not be a problem. Except for the battery Drone great, just take 1-2 batteries alone. Experience bringing friends Drone for traveling, they only carry 2 batteries Drone , the rest are not allowed for security reasons and contain chemicals Lithium.

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5. Bring Camera Bag Into Aircraft cabins

If you already packing cameras, lenses and other equipment in one bag, do not try – you tried to enter the bag containing the camera and lens in the trunk air when the Check In , bring a bag containing the equipment to come with you into the aircraft cabin. Too risky if you put behind them into the aircraft baggage, whether treated as what you do not know.

Can – can fill in a bag is not full, open, lost, or broken. I am not prejudiced, but to be safe, and to avoid unwanted things happen. But if you still insist enter also into the aircraft baggage, make sure the box shatterproof protection form / hard case that is very expensive.

Cameras, lenses are goods – expensive items that had long you have, a lot of money for investment, especially lenses, secure and take it to go with you wherever you go. Security of the airport area could have been tight, but errors or opportunities for people – people who are not responsible ready to take over when unmindful of supervision.

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