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Power Bank now uses very popular among the modern mobile users, or can be called by the name of the smartphone. Electronic products this one very loved even taken anywhere by mobile users with smartphones has. So, if the power of the banks? Power bank or in terms of Indonesian is a power storage that can be used to add or charge on mobile phones anytime and anywhere as needed.

Power bank is an object that is included in the category of hardware which helps users active mobile phones that often are outdoors or indoors minimal electric current, and requires the use of mobile phones at any time. By using the power bank mobile phone users will be easier to recharge the battery if the mobile phone has run out of battery.

Delcell Power Bank

The design is small and can be taken anywhere with a storage capacity of electric power is quite good, making power banks are increasingly favored and taken to wherever its travel. In addition, the price of power bank also considered to be very economical with very promising usefulness. Of course with the function as carger portable, owners of power bank will not feel anxious when having to carry a cell phone or other gadgets anywhere in a long time despite the absence of electrical power, because they are already preparing for backup power at the power his bank, is useful and practical not?

Benefits of Using Power Bank

After knowing the sense of power of banks in general, the next will be elaborated on the benefits of power bank for its users. Certainly the power of banks as one of the gadgets that need to be held today has many uses for users who, among others:

  • Helps charge the battery quickly and practical for someone who has a busy life.
  • Has a dimension that is small and light, so it is very convenient to carry anywhere for optimal battery charging.
  • Charge the battery anytime and anywhere without having trouble finding an electrical outlet.
  • Optimizing mobile phone battery charging even in a precarious state

Use of Power Banks that need attention

Every kind of power bank will have a storage capacity of electric power that is different from the smallest namely 300 mAh which is only capable of a few percent undertakes battery charging mobile phones, up to 11000 mAh power which can be used for charging mobile phones berlulang. Each power bank with different storage space power will also affect the price of the power of the bank itself.

To use the power of banks needs to be done first charging electric power by filling it to the brim with electrical terminals. If the charger power bank thats enough then the power bank can already be used and taken anywhere as a means of electrical power storage will be needed to charge the battery is almost exhausted.

For example, if you have a power bank with a storage capacity of up to 2500 mAh power and capacity batrai gadget or mobile phone that you have is 1200 mAh, then you will be able to use the power of banks to the gadgets you have as much as two times the use of refills. Of course, by doing so you will feel safe and comfortable if a day using mobile phones despite being in the outdoors or indoors that will be minimal electricity supply, because the function of the power of banks as providers of power would make cellular phones or gadgets you have will not die because of running out of battery in the middle of the road.

Power bank for its application will be equipped with a USB connector cable that can be connected to the electrical sockets as well as a connector in various types of mobile phone you have, so that the power bank can be used by various types of mobile phones, especially smartphones.

Recommended Price Information Power Bank DragOnGadget

Power bank is certainly very useful for mobile phone users who have high mobility. If you also need a power bank to accompany the daily activities of a busy and difficult to charge the battery, here also will be reviewed useful information regarding pricing power bank that you should know before you buy. Hopefully with this information you will get the best price on a product that suits your needs, following the latest price list power bank special for you:


  • Delcell Power Bank 10500 mAh capacity – White >>>> Rp. 109,000
  • Delcell Power Bank 10000 mAh capacity – White >>>> Rp. 109,000
  • Delcell super slim Power Bank 9000 mAh capacity – Gold >>>> Rp. 229 000
  • Delcell Steel Capacity Power Bank 8600 mAh – Silver >>>> Rp. 129,000


  • Hippo POWERBANK Capacity 12500 mAh – Grey >>>> Rp. 149,000
  • Hippo POWERBANK Capacity 5200 mAh – Grey >>>> Rp. 89,000
  • Hippo POWERBANK Capacity 7500 mAh – White >>>> Rp. 109,000
  • Hippo POWERBANK Capacity 20000 mAh – White >>>> Rp. 229 000


  • ACETECH Capacity Power Bank 20000 mAh – White >>>> Rp. 119 000
  • ACETECH Capacity 11000mAh Power Bank – White >>>> Rp. 105.000


  • Unique Ultra Slim Power Bank Capacity 13000mAh – White >>>> Rp. 139,000
  • Xiaomi Mi POWERBANK Capacity 10000 mAh – Silver >>>> Rp. 149,000
  • Capacity Power Bank Xiaomi 16000 mAh – Silver >>>> Rp. 227 500
  • Vivan 5200mAh Capacity Power Bank – Black >>>> Rp. 89.900
  • Unique Ultra Slim Power Bank 11000mAh Capacity – Black >>>> Rp. 102,000

Above it is the recommendation of DragOnGadget with POWERBANK cheap price but still qualified. If you want to know the best bank power that I have discussed in earlier please refer to:

That’s some price power bank latest to be information for you. Some other prices with the brand and the ability of different storage capacities are also typically ranges from Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 250,000 which you can choose according to your needs. Similarly, useful information regarding the usefulness and power prices on the latest bank. Thank you for visiting.

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