How to Brighten Skin Naturally

Bright facial skin is the dream for everyone, especially for women. To have a bright face should have to perform a variety of facial skin care . Good nursing care is not only done from the outside, but from within any treatment is also very important of course.

If you do skin care from the outside usually wear a lightening cream that is not necessarily suitable to your skin type. For the treatment in order to clear skin should be done naturally or with healthy habits and regular. To that end here are some ways to brighten dull skin that you can do every day.

how to brighten dull skin naturally and quickly


By washing the face, it can remove the dirt on the face such as pollution and dust. Activities all day outside the home can create pollution and dust stick to the face, if not promptly cleaned the dirt will make the face look dull. Thus making the face look dark. For that cleanse the face after a day of activity in order to face brightened.


Use night cream

Using night creams are tips which further brighten the skin. At night, the body will regenerate or made the turn dead cells with new cells. For that when going to bed you should use a night cream that helps skin cell regeneration process quickly so the face becomes brighter.

Diligent use a mask

Using a mask that can brighten the face is also very helpful. For that diligently use a mask 2 to 3 times a week. Masks can be used to brighten the face is like a mask of yam, rice, lemons, mud masks, and other masks that can brighten the face. Apart from the masks natural ingredients, you can also buy masks sold in beauty shops or supermarkets.

Using a moisturizer

Tips to brighten the skin next one is diligent use a facial moisturizer. Now it has a lot of facial moisturizer that can be used to brighten the face. When buying a moisturizer should consult first with a dermatologist, it pays to know the type and condition of your skin us not choose the wrong moisturizer. Moisture will be used should be appropriate to the type and condition of your skin in order to prevent things that can give you problems with the skin.

Use powder

Powder can also be used as an alternative to brighten the skin, choose a powder that can brighten the skin and is compatible with your skin type. Loose powder can prevent the skin from oily, so by using the powder will make your skin brighter and protected from oil on the face.

Avoid direct sun

Rays of excessive sun can make the facial skin, especially black. For that you should avoid exposure to direct sunlight, if you want to leave the house when the scorching heat you should use a hat or umbrella to protect the face. Exposure to direct sunlight and excessive actually unhealthy for the skin because it can cause cancer.

When the sweltering heat and you are forced to engage in activities outside the home without using an umbrella or a hat, you should use a sunscreen or sunblock. With this you can protect your skin from sun exposure in order not to be black.

how to lighten the skin on his face
Not only women want men’s skin looks bright, but also of course in order to appeal more to grow. Besides men who take care of itself must also be cared for and caring partner.

Consumption of vitamin C

Vitamin C can be useful to brighten the skin, for it is for those who want a bright skin should consume vitamin C is enough. You can get vitamin C from fruits and vegetables such as oranges, lemons, tomatoes, star fruit, melons, and other fruits that contain lots of vitamin C. In addition to vitamin C intake of fruits, you can also consume a dietary supplement that contains vitamin , especially vitamin C.

Expand drinking water

Tips to brighten the skin is tips easiest you can do. By drinking enough water, it will improve the smoothness of the body’s metabolism. So it can help to brighten the skin. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Several tips so easy and natural to skin quickly and safely . Perhaps some tips that you have done but there is no result, do not be discouraged yet we will present again a way to brighten the skin naturally quickly episode beauty articles next.

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