Create Your Own Residential Outdoor Fireplace

A fireplace to warm the room in the house has been very common at all. If you want to look for something else, fireplace mantel ideas something beautiful and warm that you can create your own home outdoor fireplace.

Making Idea Fireplace Garden Yard House Square Fire Pit


With the outdoor fireplace, you can enjoy the scenery outside the home without having to go to an outdoor restaurant. You can enjoy the outdoor fireplace while drinking tea or dinner with a loved one. Here are some references and how to create their own outdoor fireplace.

1. Outdoor fireplace of large stones


First, you can make a fire in the midst of your backyard. You only need to make a large pile of rocks that circle. These stones are arranged to form a hole. These holes will be filled with material to make a fire, such as fire wood or glass. Then, you just light a fire in the hole.

You can enjoy the simple fireplace outdoors by adding some furniture is minimalist, like a small table to enjoy the food and chairs.

After enjoying the fireplace, you need to close it with a lid made of steel and be sure to close all the holes.


Use if it rains, the hole is not wet and easy to ignite the fire again.

2. Outdoor fireplace that connects to the walls of the house


Fireplace design for your reference the second is by making a hole on the wall of your home delimiter. If your home there is a wall that borders the backyard, you can cut out.

Then, limits between the existing space inside and a gap that will be created fireplace.Note makes divider must be solidly like a wall. This is to prevent the fire burning room in the house.

You can add some furniture in front of the outdoor fireplace, such as tables and chairs for relaxing and enjoying the warm evening with scrumptious food. After that, do not forget to put out the fire and close the fireplace with a board terbiat of thick wood.

An outdoor fireplace at home was not difficult to make. All you need is accuracy and patience to produce outdoor fireplace that is perfect for your family.


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