How to Play Billiard Android Game 8 Ball Pool

How to Play Billiard Android Game 8 Ball Pool . Playing billiard those who have directly feel able to play on android devices that we have which might be when we play billiard directly was not possible because of the age factor and also the embarrassment factor.

There is one game android serving billiard game that can be played with friends from different countries. Android about this billiard game called 8 Ball Pool is developed by Miniclip SA is also the developer of the game Bowling King , 8 Ball Pool file sizes when you first downloaded this game is 32 MB.

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Little did we get acquainted and learn how to play Billiards in 8 Ball Pool. In this game there is a menu to play a game where the menu represents some billiard game in it. Here are menus that can be access to play games android 8 Ball Pool:

1 . Play 1 on 1

On the menu Play 1 on 1 we will fight tough billiard players from different countries and different levels. To play billiard here it takes a minimum of 50 coins to play and against other players. On the menu Play 1 on 1 there are also some locations or places that we can play with them:

  • All in Monaco Long

Monaco’s location is one of the locations are on the prize of 2 times that of the other locations. To be able to play at this location we will pay 1000 coins for one play billiard billiard player against another.

  • Downtown London Pub

Play 8 Ball Pool billiard game there are places most widely played namely Downtown London Pub where this location is the location with the cheapest cost to compete is 50 coins and we will get a $ 100 coin if it won the billiards game.

  • Sydney Marina Bar
 The next place that has the most players on the android game 8 Ball Pool is Sydney Marina Bar, where this location is the location with the ability level of opponents is still the standard or it can be said is still a beginner level. To sign we will pay a $ 100 coin and the coin will get $ 200 if we can win the match.
  • Moscow Winter Club

Here a very appropriate location to play for beginners because this place has some opponents have levels above us and also can add the ability to play billiards. To get into this location required a minimum of 500 coins and will be obtained later is 1000 coins.

  • Tokyo Warrior Hall

Here we will play with ball pockets 8, to be able to enter the required cost of 2500 coins and the winner will get a prize of 5,000 coins.

  • Las Vegas Full House

In the game 8 Ball Pool there are also locations play called Las Vegas Full House and the location name is similar to the name of any region in the country the United States. If we want to play billiards here, we would be charged an entrance fee of 10,000 coins and will get a prize of 20,000 coins.

  • Jakarta Vulcano

It’s the most sought gamers Indonesia, because the name of one of the cities in Indonesia inserted into this game. Jakarta Volcano is a location that provides a prize of 100,000 coins when winning billiard games against other players, but to follow this match we will be charged 50,000 coins.

  • Toronto Maple Suite

Playing at the site of the Toronto Maple Suite requires 100,000 coins to be able to play in it and we will get a prize of 200,000 coins.

  • Cairo Kasbah

To play in Cairo Kasbah should have the ability to play and also have enough coins because here a lot of billiard players are very tough. Coins needed for one match is 250,000 coins and gifts that we will get is 500,000 coins.

  • Dubai Golden Challenge

This location is the location that has an enrollment of expensive, for one match we would be 500,000 coins but will get 1,000,000 coins.

  • Shanghai Oriental Pearl

One location that has a prize of one million coins are Shanghai Oriental Pearl, but the application fee is also quite large in the amount of 500,000 coins. This fee is similar to the existing cost at Dubai Golden Challenge.

  • paris Chateau

With a one-time fee of 2,500,000 coins billiard match then we will get 5,000,000 coins which means Location Paris Chateau is the location to be very expensive for the novice player game 8 Ball Pool.

  • Rome Colosseum

The Colosseum in Rome location costs are equal to the cost on the location of Paris Cheteau namely for the registration fee of 2,500,000 coins and prizes obtained of 5,000,000 coins.

  • Bangkok Temple

At this location is a location which can be considered the most expensive both for the registration fee or for gifts obtained. Costs to follow the match here will be charged a fee of 5,000,000 coins and will receive a prize of 10 million coins.

2 . Play Tournament

Play Tournament in the menu, there are several tournaments that we can follow, each tournament will have 8 players who will play that will win the grand prize that will be earned by the winner, the tournaments are available:

  • Downtown London Pub Tournament

Downtown London tournament play, there are 8 players who will get the top prize of 1000 coins. Cost to enter and follow the matches in this tournament is 200 coins.

  • Sydney Marina Bar Tournament

The tournament, which is in this location requires us to register for the 3000 coins to get a grand prize of 18 000 coins.

  • Moscow Winter Club Tournament

The fee for this tournament is 5,000 coins and the grand prize that will be awarded is 30,000 coins.

  • Tokyo Warrior Hall Tournament

Playing tournaments in Tokyo Warrior Hall must have a good level in defeating opponents because here players already have a very good level so it is very difficult to beat them all. When you want to play in this tournament we would be charged a fee of 10,000 coins and gifts that would be obtained if winning this tournament is 60,000 coins.

3 . Play Minigames

On the menu Play minigames we will be invited to play simple games that will give prizes. Existing games that Spin and Win, and Win scrath and Hi-Lo.

4 . Play with Friends

 Billiard compete more fun when we play against friends we know. Play With Friends On the menu we can play billiard one on one with our friends who are on Facebook to try expertise in playing billiard.

To enhance financial capability and also that we have, in the android game 8 Ball Pool also provide purchasing bat (cues), coins, cash, and other menu Shop located at the bottom of the game screen.

One we can buy in a store or Shop 8 Ball Pool is a bat or Cue. Sticks that exist among others: Soccer Stars Cue, Cue Skull, Pine Cue, Cue Cowhide, Candy Cue and so forth until the stick is a premium.

It was some explanation whatever is on android games 8 Ball Pool, although the explanation is still sorely lacking, but as much as possible all served with the best. Hopefully How to Play Billiard Android Game 8 Ball Pool can add insight about the game play, especially on game android .

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About 8 Ball Pool

Miniclip, who creates this game, has a very good idea to convert the pool game into smartphone. As a result, 8 Ball Pool becomes the largest pool game so far among Androids and other phones. People compete with others through several game modes like one on one match or tournament. Not only is the billiard pool game offered here, but also the customizations of items that require coins. Coins can be received through several ways. You can bet in a match or buy it with your money. The easiest and fastest way is of course to use this 8 Ball Pool hack download.

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Game is one way to win the mind as well as relaxation right. With a graphical display continuously updated, gamers will be pampered with stunning animations.

Tweetmygaming Online Shooter Point Blank Oline

In 2015, there has been a Clash Royale Hack Tool lot of games that appeared in Indonesia both online gaming and android game. Here is a list of new games that you should try.


  1. Point Blank Online    

According to this game is the best FPS online game I’ve ever tried. With stunning 3D views and folders diverse not be surprised if this game more and more in demand by gamers. Although it was chaos because a lot of Situs Judi Bola cheaters, but has recently tried to improve the network Security Garena.


Arguably this is the shooter the most successful online game in Indonesia and deserve crowned choice.

Pointblank team match Russia vs Indonesia can be seen below:



  1. Great Merchant (Xian Eps 2)


This game is an advanced version of the popular online xian in the 2000s. Although renamed Great Merchant, but the game still provides the same features as the first Xian Online Guild War, Real Time Battle and the trading system more diupagrade. If you start playing this game you will be given the option nergara such as Japan, Korea, India and Taiwan.


  1. Final Bullet


Final Bullet comes when Point Blank began to lose its publisher before being received by Garena. What’s interesting about this game is the Bullet Time Mode are able to make player featuring slow motion mode. There was also a Weapon Tuning Mode which serves to enhance the player weapons capability.



  1. Royal Master


Not the only FPS game market share of online games in Indonesia. There are also Action RPG from Megaxus, the Royal Master Online. This game provides three classes that have their respective advantages such as Bear Cat, Priest and Knight. Besides this game also provides call Soul Summon Mode that can help us finish the dungeon.



5 Hottest and Latest Android Games September 2016

Devices Android is a device that has a lot of interesting applications and one of them is games. Play games is an interesting activity to do -sela interrupted empty time or your spare time. For users of Android devices in particular gamers or very like to play games certainly can not be separated from the application of games on your Android device.

There are so many games that Clash Royale Hack Online are now on the rise in world entertainment arena for android for android smartphone users. Game latest android follows is taken from download highest number on google play store and enthusiasts of the game is quite a lot.

Here we’ll cover in full on the fifth best-selling and latest Android Games , let us consider just the full review.5 Hottest and Latest Android Games

Image result for Raccoon Rising

1. Raccoon Rising

Raccoon Rising is one of the best games and also still fairly new. These games can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store and certainly no less interesting to other games to be played on your Android device. Raccoon Rising is quite interesting to play, we help the raccoon to jump and dodge all the obstacles and pitfalls that arise. To play these games much needed concentration and accuracy so that raccoons can be upwards. Each level of the game has different difficulty levels and the higher the level, the higher the level of difficulty and obstacles.

2. Dream House Days

Dream House Days is a game that requires players to manage an apartment. In these games players can manage the apartments liking. These games run with two missions, the first mission is to make the apartment residents feel safe and comfortable while the second mission is to make the apartment still earn profit or gain. Both of these missions must be conducted properly and games can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.