2018 Subaru Outback, First Impressions

Subaru has claim the top spot for brand with 2018 Subaru Outback. It is becoming a popular choice for people whi loves to travel as well as adventuring on a lot of places. With a lot of perks comes with this model, you will get more than just a wagon with the cash you spend to buy it. It has spacious interior that can fit a lot of things when you need to travel somewhere far, you can as well bring your loved ones on the trip with you, and they can all enjoy good views with smooth ride. Subaru Outback also has a great system for a more fuel efficient trips, and it also has a lot more improvement on every aspect such as entertainment and safety.


On the exterior, this 2018 Subaru Outback didn’t have a lot of updates or changes from earlier model. The front as well as rear of this wagon is almost the same with the earlier model. On the good notes, this model still has the same clean design and unremarkable. One of the tweak that Subaru did on this model is for the steering wheel, it has new tweaks which allows a more enjoyable ride and smooth control. There are also new entertainment feature such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Another great improvement of this 2018 Subaru Outback is actually the new stitching on the dashboard top-trim models, but too bad that the fake-looking wood trim is making its appearance failed to impress. But the overall looking and overall materials for this car is still acceptably high quality. Every seat on the interior are comfortable enough even on off-road. For the passangers at the back, they can enjoy a more spacious legroom that will make them comfortable enough for the long road.

What is the Efficiency of Engineering? Comparison of Diesel and Gasoline Engines

Engine efficiency refers to the ability of the engine to convert the energy available from the fuel into kinetic energy which is handy. Modern gasoline engine operates at an average of about 20 to 30 percent efficiency.

 The remaining 70 to 80 percent of the energy of gasoline dispensed from the machine either as heat, mechanical sound energy, or friction.

At no time is running, the engine’s efficiency is zero because the engine does not drive the vehicle and only operate accessories, such as water pumps and generators.

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Car engine

Compared to gasoline engines, diesel engines are considered more efficient. The diesel engine uses high compression in the cylinders to ignite the fuel.

This makes the higher-compression diesel engine has an efficiency of about 40 percent. This efficiency is usually only achieved by direct injection type diesel engine.

The compression ratio of the engine will also affect the efficiency of the engine. This is due, in part, due to the engine’s ability to convert heat from the combustion process to produce energy.

 Gasoline engine cars generally operate at no more than a compression ratio of 10: 1. In contrast, the diesel engine can operate with compression ratios up to 25: 1.

The higher the compression ratio, the better the overall engine efficiency.

The amount of oxygen that can be absorbed machines affect its ability to operate more efficiently.

This is the reason why nitrous oxide added to the fuel system of gasoline engines.

Nitrous oxide added molecular oxygen into the combustion chamber, so that more fuel is burned. This in turn makes the engine operate more efficiently.

The type of fuel also affects efficiency. Gasoline with higher octane will allow the engine to operate with a higher compression ratio, which means increased efficiency.

Fuels such as nitromethane produces oxygen, thereby creating greater engine power due to more fuel is burned.

Another type of machine even has a smaller efficiency. Steam piston engines, for example, operates at about 8 percent efficiency.

Steam turbine on the other hand, operates at a level of efficiency equal or exceed diesel engines.

This is why the steam turbines used for power generation.

While the gas turbine engine is the most efficient of all types of machines when operated at full power.