No wonder why roses are called as the queen of flowers, tanaman hidroponik it is because the petals have a very beautiful shape also has a distinctive aroma. Therefore, a lot of people who want to plant roses in her home in particular is the weaker sex.

However, based on communication via bbm, sms, or telephone us, most of them a little trouble with how to care for roses to be diligent flowering, or other problems are usually roses originally petals big when buying from a florist, when it switched hands to them , flowers that bloom further be small or not as big as before. How to overcome these problems?

Diligent flowering roses

Planting roses is rather unique, can be said to be difficult if not know the science, but it can be easy if you already know the science. Planting roses does require special treatment, he can not be treated just by simply spraying water every morning and evening.

But there are some things that must be considered. The first is a rose plant should be placed where it is exposed to the sun all day ( full sun ) so that photosynthetic activity can be carried out well.

Diligent flowering roses

How to care for roses to be more diligent flowering is to provide nutrition in accordance with the needs of the roses. These nutrients are fertilizers, manure is best manure or natural fertilizer produced from animal waste. However, if you have trouble getting the fertilizer type, can use fertilizer

NPK (fertilizer) containing elements of main nutrients ie nitrogen which helps the vegetative growth mainly leaves, phosphorus helps the growth of roots and shoots, as well as potassium, which helps flowering and fruiting. However, the application of NPK fertilizer use should not be overused and should not be too much given to each plant roses, because if overdose, rose plant you could even become dry / charred and eventually die. Read: Tips on Giving Fertilizer Roses In Pot . Agen Judi Online

Watering should be done 2 times (morning and evening) a day if the weather is hot and is only done once (morning) in a day every day if the weather is not hot. If the weather conditions of rain every day, especially when the plant your roses directly exposed to rainwater, it is advisable to spray the leaves and flowers with plain water immediately after the rain stopped ,

Because rain water is rather hard especially for plant roses. The second alternative if the rains are regular spraying a pesticide that roses are resistant to rain, which usually resulted in broken roses (Read: Tips For Rose Hold Against Rain ). If stored in a place such as adapting the concept of a greenhouse in the shade canopy, pretty watered every other day if it was the rainy season.

In various sources, the use of water used to air conditioning or cold water from the refrigerator can be used for watering the roses and mentioned he could diligent flowering roses with water. To this we’ve never attempted because we do not have AC (Bandung already cool without air conditioning, hehe). Although even so, there are customers who tried it and the result does make diligent flowering roses even though in areas with a hot air temperature.

How to care for roses that bloom diligently followed was a routine treatment so that your rose plants are not attacked by pests. If attacked by pests, of course, roses growth will be retarded and could even die from it.

For the drug spraying insecticide and fungicide needs to be done at least once a month and a maximum of two weeks (if the dry weather conditions). Read: Tips Anticipation Hama On Roses In Pot . Do not forget to always remove weeds (unwanted wild plants) if grown in a planting medium your roses.

The last and most important that you are diligent flowering roses is the treatment that is usually said by women “can not bear”, is it? Diligent cut rose stems that had started to dry using a clean scissor cuttings. Some people told me that they did not have the heart to do it because they are dear to plant roses.

In fact, cut the stems on roses is a way Affection to the diligent flowering roses. In fact, sometimes do not need to wait for the rod began to dry and then cut. In some cases, that diligent flowering roses and it produces large flowers, cutting the stem needs to be done to stimulate the growth of new shoots, where the new buds will usually grow better so that it can generate good interest anyway.

That’s the general overview of how to care for roses to be diligent flowering particularly for ornamental roses. As for the roses kind of semi holland, need treatment that is a bit more special than the roses ornamental, and probably womankind will increasingly do not have the heart by way of the treatment of roses semi holland actual treatment is intended that rose spring holland can produce large flowers and beautiful , So if you want to plant roses spring holland at home, you should first read my previous article titled Is semi holland roses can be planted in pots? Lastly, may be useful and happy gardening!

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