Tips Brought Into Photographic Equipment Aircraft

Bring photographic equipment into the air or into the aircraft cabin is a necessity that must be done photographer. Beginning in 2016 shocked incident reporting loss of goods – goods belonging to passengers at the airport, and can make anyone be added vigilant and careful – careful if you do not want the goods – valuables were taken while on holiday or working, lost somewhere. Best digital camera 2017

If you’ve read my previous post about, ” Can carry a tripod into the aircraft cabin? “This post deals with a similar photographic equipment, but adding equipment such as cameras, lenses to be brought into the aircraft cabin.


Prepare Special Camera Bag

Prepare a special bag camera that comes with the room – a room with a divider / sleeve to separate the camera and lens, such as bag-type suitcases (suitcase), backpack (backpack), messenger bag (shoulder bag). If necessary, add Bubble Wrap as an added protection to avoid conflicts when it is placed to the floor or a table inadvertently.

2. Bring Cameras and Lenses Moderation

Bring what’s important to you as to the location, for example 2 cameras as backup / backup when the first camera was not working, 2 or 3 lens is enough. Plus a memory card, camera batteries, cleaners, and flash if the flash into the equipment carried. Make sure the equipment is not too bad when you carry it, be it due to its weight and so forth.

3. Remove the Lens Of Camera

For a while, remove the lens from the camera if it is not time to use or to location.

4. Bring the Battery Moderation

DSLR or mirrorless camera battery is not big and flashy, the rules allow the airline may not carry the battery more than 3-4, but for the battery size DSLR or mirrorless not be a problem. Except for the battery Drone great, just take 1-2 batteries alone. Experience bringing friends Drone for traveling, they only carry 2 batteries Drone , the rest are not allowed for security reasons and contain chemicals Lithium.

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5. Bring Camera Bag Into Aircraft cabins

If you already packing cameras, lenses and other equipment in one bag, do not try – you tried to enter the bag containing the camera and lens in the trunk air when the Check In , bring a bag containing the equipment to come with you into the aircraft cabin. Too risky if you put behind them into the aircraft baggage, whether treated as what you do not know.

Can – can fill in a bag is not full, open, lost, or broken. I am not prejudiced, but to be safe, and to avoid unwanted things happen. But if you still insist enter also into the aircraft baggage, make sure the box shatterproof protection form / hard case that is very expensive.

Cameras, lenses are goods – expensive items that had long you have, a lot of money for investment, especially lenses, secure and take it to go with you wherever you go. Security of the airport area could have been tight, but errors or opportunities for people – people who are not responsible ready to take over when unmindful of supervision.

How to save on Hooq Watch Movies and Viu

Mobile operator Telkomsel to bring a video streaming service, VideoMax. This service gives subscribers access to content data is Telkomsel Hooq and Viu, and enjoy it with a cheaper price.

VideoMax be Telkomsel solution for movie fans and TV series to be able to enjoy thousands of movie titles and TV series are more efficient customer favorite. Video can be streamed using a smartphone or tablet PC with a more affordable price. Openload

Screenshot_100“Currently, customer interest in accessing video on demand content from the device continues to increase,” said President Director of Telkomsel, Ririek Adriansyah in a written statement received

“VideoMax is a testament to the seriousness of Telkomsel to provide a range of alternatives digital entertainment services according to customer requirements, “added Ririek.

To enjoy the service VideoMAX, customer Customer simPATI, Ace, and Loop Telkomsel need to subscribe to monthly data packages as normal through MyTelkomsel application or access a menu USSD * 363 #.

Data packets for use during the 30 days includes access to premium content on demand video services Hooq and Viu, as well as data quota to watch movies up to 7 GB. Of course Hooq or Viu application must also be pre-installed on the device.

If the customer still feel the quotas are not enough to satisfy like watching movies, Telkomsel provides extra package quotas video.

In addition to access to premium content HOOQ and Viu, this package provides additional data quota to watch movies up to 12 GB with prices ranging from Rp 20,000 to use for 30 days.

This option is relatively cheaper than the subscription Hooq or Viu directly. Hooq to collect a fee of Rp 49,500 per month to its customers. While Viu has a Premium package for Rp 30,000 per month.

To note, until the third quarter of 2016, from a total of 75 million subscribers Telkomsel data, there are currently around 30 million active subscribers enjoy video. This number increased by 24 percent compared with the same period in the previous year.

Power Price Latest Bank, Offers a large selection of quality DragOnGadget

Power Bank now uses very popular among the modern mobile users, or can be called by the name of the smartphone. Electronic products this one very loved even taken anywhere by mobile users with smartphones has. So, if the power of the banks? Power bank or in terms of Indonesian is a power storage that can be used to add or charge on mobile phones anytime and anywhere as needed.

Power bank is an object that is included in the category of hardware which helps users active mobile phones that often are outdoors or indoors minimal electric current, and requires the use of mobile phones at any time. By using the power bank mobile phone users will be easier to recharge the battery if the mobile phone has run out of battery.

Delcell Power Bank

The design is small and can be taken anywhere with a storage capacity of electric power is quite good, making power banks are increasingly favored and taken to wherever its travel. In addition, the price of power bank also considered to be very economical with very promising usefulness. Of course with the function as carger portable, owners of power bank will not feel anxious when having to carry a cell phone or other gadgets anywhere in a long time despite the absence of electrical power, because they are already preparing for backup power at the power his bank, is useful and practical not?

Benefits of Using Power Bank

After knowing the sense of power of banks in general, the next will be elaborated on the benefits of power bank for its users. Certainly the power of banks as one of the gadgets that need to be held today has many uses for users who, among others:

  • Helps charge the battery quickly and practical for someone who has a busy life.
  • Has a dimension that is small and light, so it is very convenient to carry anywhere for optimal battery charging.
  • Charge the battery anytime and anywhere without having trouble finding an electrical outlet.
  • Optimizing mobile phone battery charging even in a precarious state

Use of Power Banks that need attention

Every kind of power bank will have a storage capacity of electric power that is different from the smallest namely 300 mAh which is only capable of a few percent undertakes battery charging mobile phones, up to 11000 mAh power which can be used for charging mobile phones berlulang. Each power bank with different storage space power will also affect the price of the power of the bank itself.

To use the power of banks needs to be done first charging electric power by filling it to the brim with electrical terminals. If the charger power bank thats enough then the power bank can already be used and taken anywhere as a means of electrical power storage will be needed to charge the battery is almost exhausted.

For example, if you have a power bank with a storage capacity of up to 2500 mAh power and capacity batrai gadget or mobile phone that you have is 1200 mAh, then you will be able to use the power of banks to the gadgets you have as much as two times the use of refills. Of course, by doing so you will feel safe and comfortable if a day using mobile phones despite being in the outdoors or indoors that will be minimal electricity supply, because the function of the power of banks as providers of power would make cellular phones or gadgets you have will not die because of running out of battery in the middle of the road.

Power bank for its application will be equipped with a USB connector cable that can be connected to the electrical sockets as well as a connector in various types of mobile phone you have, so that the power bank can be used by various types of mobile phones, especially smartphones.

Recommended Price Information Power Bank DragOnGadget

Power bank is certainly very useful for mobile phone users who have high mobility. If you also need a power bank to accompany the daily activities of a busy and difficult to charge the battery, here also will be reviewed useful information regarding pricing power bank that you should know before you buy. Hopefully with this information you will get the best price on a product that suits your needs, following the latest price list power bank special for you:


  • Delcell Power Bank 10500 mAh capacity – White >>>> Rp. 109,000
  • Delcell Power Bank 10000 mAh capacity – White >>>> Rp. 109,000
  • Delcell super slim Power Bank 9000 mAh capacity – Gold >>>> Rp. 229 000
  • Delcell Steel Capacity Power Bank 8600 mAh – Silver >>>> Rp. 129,000


  • Hippo POWERBANK Capacity 12500 mAh – Grey >>>> Rp. 149,000
  • Hippo POWERBANK Capacity 5200 mAh – Grey >>>> Rp. 89,000
  • Hippo POWERBANK Capacity 7500 mAh – White >>>> Rp. 109,000
  • Hippo POWERBANK Capacity 20000 mAh – White >>>> Rp. 229 000


  • ACETECH Capacity Power Bank 20000 mAh – White >>>> Rp. 119 000
  • ACETECH Capacity 11000mAh Power Bank – White >>>> Rp. 105.000


  • Unique Ultra Slim Power Bank Capacity 13000mAh – White >>>> Rp. 139,000
  • Xiaomi Mi POWERBANK Capacity 10000 mAh – Silver >>>> Rp. 149,000
  • Capacity Power Bank Xiaomi 16000 mAh – Silver >>>> Rp. 227 500
  • Vivan 5200mAh Capacity Power Bank – Black >>>> Rp. 89.900
  • Unique Ultra Slim Power Bank 11000mAh Capacity – Black >>>> Rp. 102,000

Above it is the recommendation of DragOnGadget with POWERBANK cheap price but still qualified. If you want to know the best bank power that I have discussed in earlier please refer to:

That’s some price power bank latest to be information for you. Some other prices with the brand and the ability of different storage capacities are also typically ranges from Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 250,000 which you can choose according to your needs. Similarly, useful information regarding the usefulness and power prices on the latest bank. Thank you for visiting.

Select a Colour Light Sofa For Living Room Size Tiny Impressed

Hard to decide sofa living room? Especially if your guest room includes a small living room. The living room with the size of land that no comprehensive, occupants frustrating enough about choosing a sofa . Diverse sizes and materials to make you be more careful in choosing the sofa with the right size and comfortable. Cara Daftar Sbobet

Select a Colour Light Sofa For Living Room Size Tiny Impressed

Here are some tips on choosing a sofa for the living room so tiny you have no difficulty in choosing a sofa that matches the living room and as you wish.

1. Convenience sofa
Leisure sofa views of how long we can sit on the couch it. Ideally, we can sit on the sofa for about 15-30 minutes. If during that time we did not feel comfortable sitting on the couch , the couch was not the right choice.

2. Type sofa
Use sofa with upholstery. Because the couch this type is very suitable and comfortable to wear while receiving guests. Coupled with the quality of the sofa is very strong and not easily damaged. As well as provide comfort when occupied because there are soft pads on the sofa .

3. Model sofa
Conformity style is the main thing in the visual, so the tiny living room can provide interor beautiful and pleasing to the eye. For example, if the entire space in a modern style choose a sofa in a modern style. And also a classic interior with sofa minimalist classic style.

Blend several styles can be done that is not too monotonous. Decide in advance unifying elements between the room and a couch to make it look harmonious. The element can be a color or material type.

4. Color sofa
color selection menciptakkan be decisive in an attractive appearance. Bright and natural color can be selected to give the impression of the tiny living room.

Color matching between the color combination sofa with the background color of the room to create an atmosphere that is flowing, harmonious and calm. When you want a dramatic atmosphere, choose a complementary color with another interesting combination.

Such as sofa minimalist purple combined with a light blue background, or a combination of gray with red as the color of a complex application that can dynamic impression.

5. The pattern or patterns
Be careful choosing the style, because style of sofa striking or more severe in a small room can give the impression that too crowded and less unsightly. We recommend that you select the style sofa that becomes a focal point or a sweetener room, thus giving the impression of a more natural simple.

How to Brighten Skin Naturally

Bright facial skin is the dream for everyone, especially for women. To have a bright face should have to perform a variety of facial skin care . Good nursing care is not only done from the outside, but from within any treatment is also very important of course.

If you do skin care from the outside usually wear a lightening cream that is not necessarily suitable to your skin type. For the treatment in order to clear skin should be done naturally or with healthy habits and regular. To that end here are some ways to brighten dull skin that you can do every day.

how to brighten dull skin naturally and quickly


By washing the face, it can remove the dirt on the face such as pollution and dust. Activities all day outside the home can create pollution and dust stick to the face, if not promptly cleaned the dirt will make the face look dull. Thus making the face look dark. For that cleanse the face after a day of activity in order to face brightened.


Use night cream

Using night creams are tips which further brighten the skin. At night, the body will regenerate or made the turn dead cells with new cells. For that when going to bed you should use a night cream that helps skin cell regeneration process quickly so the face becomes brighter.

Diligent use a mask

Using a mask that can brighten the face is also very helpful. For that diligently use a mask 2 to 3 times a week. Masks can be used to brighten the face is like a mask of yam, rice, lemons, mud masks, and other masks that can brighten the face. Apart from the masks natural ingredients, you can also buy masks sold in beauty shops or supermarkets.

Using a moisturizer

Tips to brighten the skin next one is diligent use a facial moisturizer. Now it has a lot of facial moisturizer that can be used to brighten the face. When buying a moisturizer should consult first with a dermatologist, it pays to know the type and condition of your skin us not choose the wrong moisturizer. Moisture will be used should be appropriate to the type and condition of your skin in order to prevent things that can give you problems with the skin.

Use powder

Powder can also be used as an alternative to brighten the skin, choose a powder that can brighten the skin and is compatible with your skin type. Loose powder can prevent the skin from oily, so by using the powder will make your skin brighter and protected from oil on the face.

Avoid direct sun

Rays of excessive sun can make the facial skin, especially black. For that you should avoid exposure to direct sunlight, if you want to leave the house when the scorching heat you should use a hat or umbrella to protect the face. Exposure to direct sunlight and excessive actually unhealthy for the skin because it can cause cancer.

When the sweltering heat and you are forced to engage in activities outside the home without using an umbrella or a hat, you should use a sunscreen or sunblock. With this you can protect your skin from sun exposure in order not to be black.

how to lighten the skin on his face
Not only women want men’s skin looks bright, but also of course in order to appeal more to grow. Besides men who take care of itself must also be cared for and caring partner.

Consumption of vitamin C

Vitamin C can be useful to brighten the skin, for it is for those who want a bright skin should consume vitamin C is enough. You can get vitamin C from fruits and vegetables such as oranges, lemons, tomatoes, star fruit, melons, and other fruits that contain lots of vitamin C. In addition to vitamin C intake of fruits, you can also consume a dietary supplement that contains vitamin , especially vitamin C.

Expand drinking water

Tips to brighten the skin is tips easiest you can do. By drinking enough water, it will improve the smoothness of the body’s metabolism. So it can help to brighten the skin. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Several tips so easy and natural to skin quickly and safely . Perhaps some tips that you have done but there is no result, do not be discouraged yet we will present again a way to brighten the skin naturally quickly episode beauty articles next.


No wonder why roses are called as the queen of flowers, tanaman hidroponik it is because the petals have a very beautiful shape also has a distinctive aroma. Therefore, a lot of people who want to plant roses in her home in particular is the weaker sex.

However, based on communication via bbm, sms, or telephone us, most of them a little trouble with how to care for roses to be diligent flowering, or other problems are usually roses originally petals big when buying from a florist, when it switched hands to them , flowers that bloom further be small or not as big as before. How to overcome these problems?

Diligent flowering roses

Planting roses is rather unique, can be said to be difficult if not know the science, but it can be easy if you already know the science. Planting roses does require special treatment, he can not be treated just by simply spraying water every morning and evening.

But there are some things that must be considered. The first is a rose plant should be placed where it is exposed to the sun all day ( full sun ) so that photosynthetic activity can be carried out well.

Diligent flowering roses

How to care for roses to be more diligent flowering is to provide nutrition in accordance with the needs of the roses. These nutrients are fertilizers, manure is best manure or natural fertilizer produced from animal waste. However, if you have trouble getting the fertilizer type, can use fertilizer

NPK (fertilizer) containing elements of main nutrients ie nitrogen which helps the vegetative growth mainly leaves, phosphorus helps the growth of roots and shoots, as well as potassium, which helps flowering and fruiting. However, the application of NPK fertilizer use should not be overused and should not be too much given to each plant roses, because if overdose, rose plant you could even become dry / charred and eventually die. Read: Tips on Giving Fertilizer Roses In Pot . Agen Judi Online

Watering should be done 2 times (morning and evening) a day if the weather is hot and is only done once (morning) in a day every day if the weather is not hot. If the weather conditions of rain every day, especially when the plant your roses directly exposed to rainwater, it is advisable to spray the leaves and flowers with plain water immediately after the rain stopped ,

Because rain water is rather hard especially for plant roses. The second alternative if the rains are regular spraying a pesticide that roses are resistant to rain, which usually resulted in broken roses (Read: Tips For Rose Hold Against Rain ). If stored in a place such as adapting the concept of a greenhouse in the shade canopy, pretty watered every other day if it was the rainy season.

In various sources, the use of water used to air conditioning or cold water from the refrigerator can be used for watering the roses and mentioned he could diligent flowering roses with water. To this we’ve never attempted because we do not have AC (Bandung already cool without air conditioning, hehe). Although even so, there are customers who tried it and the result does make diligent flowering roses even though in areas with a hot air temperature.

How to care for roses that bloom diligently followed was a routine treatment so that your rose plants are not attacked by pests. If attacked by pests, of course, roses growth will be retarded and could even die from it.

For the drug spraying insecticide and fungicide needs to be done at least once a month and a maximum of two weeks (if the dry weather conditions). Read: Tips Anticipation Hama On Roses In Pot . Do not forget to always remove weeds (unwanted wild plants) if grown in a planting medium your roses.

The last and most important that you are diligent flowering roses is the treatment that is usually said by women “can not bear”, is it? Diligent cut rose stems that had started to dry using a clean scissor cuttings. Some people told me that they did not have the heart to do it because they are dear to plant roses.

In fact, cut the stems on roses is a way Affection to the diligent flowering roses. In fact, sometimes do not need to wait for the rod began to dry and then cut. In some cases, that diligent flowering roses and it produces large flowers, cutting the stem needs to be done to stimulate the growth of new shoots, where the new buds will usually grow better so that it can generate good interest anyway.

That’s the general overview of how to care for roses to be diligent flowering particularly for ornamental roses. As for the roses kind of semi holland, need treatment that is a bit more special than the roses ornamental, and probably womankind will increasingly do not have the heart by way of the treatment of roses semi holland actual treatment is intended that rose spring holland can produce large flowers and beautiful , So if you want to plant roses spring holland at home, you should first read my previous article titled Is semi holland roses can be planted in pots? Lastly, may be useful and happy gardening!

Types of Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

From a glance we would have understood the intent of the type of heat-resistant ornamental plants this, cautions not resistant to heat because it burned ya .. .Absolutely houseplants shraap is an excess of ornamental plants that exist in the review this time.

Okay just let me not a lot of strings attached, we are just on the subject of the review of ornamental plants heat resistance, in which the plants resistant to weather despite the extreme hot weather.

Lihat disini: tanaman hias daun

heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun's heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Listed below are some ornamental plants heat resistance , such as:

heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

As in previous reviews that type of Ornamental Plants Roots of Popular , ornamental plants that have the beauty and uniqueness in terms of its root is in addition called as an ornamental plant popular roots, banyan is also a plant that is resistant to various weather including heat. Ornamental plants are often used as objects banyan bonsai thrives in Indonesia beloved country.


heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

Aside from being a popular ornamental plant, Bougenville or paper flowers also proved resilient to heat or sunlight, which if the heat overwrite other plants, it will cause the plant to wilt. As discussed in the previous article Types of Ornamental Plants Popular flowers , there are several kinds of ornamental plants is well known that Bougainvillea ‘Red’; Bougainvillea Pultonii; Bougainvillea ‘Elizabeth Angus’;Bougainvillea ‘Easter Parade’ and Bougainvillea ‘Lady Mary Baring.

flowers Euporbia

heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

This euphorbia flower ornamental plants will grow well if exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise if not exposed to sunlight it will affect the growth, the worse the flowers of these plants will look dull.


heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

If you look at the films of Europe that we know the cold climate region, it will show a lot of pine trees grow. But make no mistake, it turns fir can also thrive in the area or areas with hot weather. so we can conclude that this evergreen ornamental plants able to survive in any weather condition.


heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

Yup … absolutely right, we see a lot of cactus plants growing in desert areas or dry. This cactus can live a long time even in the absence of water. Extreme hot weather does not make him dead.


heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

Trees are very popular on the island of Bali is able to withstand the hot weather. Conversely, if too much water will actually make these plants quickly die. In a previous article ( type Ornamental Plants Roots Popular ) This plant is categorized as an ornamental plant popular roots, so after reading this article we can conclude that Cambodia is a popular ornamental plant roots are heat resistant … hehe ..


heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

Definitely all know this stems of plants, right? palm is often made to decorate the yard of the house, but because of its beauty turns this tree can also withstand hot weather.

How to Smooth Rough Skin Naturally

Not all women have skin that is smooth, but almost all women would like to have it. Rough facial skin can be caused by various factors, such as pollution, dull, acne scars, dead skin cells, the poor face, and so forth. Smooth skin is not difficult because you can use a variety of natural materials that exist around us.Although using only natural ingredients, but the result is quite satisfactory.

 How to Smooth Face

Some of the natural ingredients that you can use to soften the face of which the yam, avocado, honey and eggs. All natural materials have been proven to soften the face quickly without side effects. One facial treatment trivial but very maintain healthy skin wash the face. If you want to have delicate facial skin should wash your face at all times to remove dust and dirt.

One way to smooth the face naturally by using the avocado. It is very easy, first of all the fruit puree ripe avocados first. After that, apply on your skin and leave on for 15-20 minutes and then wash your face with warm water. Besides the avocado you can also smooth the skin with other natural materials, here’s more information on how to smooth the skin rough.

1. With honey and egg
Set 1 tablespoon of honey and one egg. Break the eggs and download the white part only, then mix with honey that had been prepared earlier. Once well blended and then apply on your face as a natural mask. Wait for 10-15 minutes and then wash your face with warm water.

2. Avocados
Prepare in advance of an avocado is ripe. Afterwards puree and apply on your face.Once applied let stand for 15-20 minutes and then rinse your face with warm water.

3. Papaya fruit
content of papain enzyme in these fruits can remove dead skin cells that can cause facial skin becomes rough. How to use that to soften the ripe papaya fruit after it spread to the face. Let stand for 15 minutes and then wash your face thoroughly.

4. Tomato
Puree the tomatoes taste until completely smooth, you can use a blender for maximum results. After that, apply it on your face and leave on for 20 minutes then rinse with water. So the results are more effective you can also mix lemon juice on the tomatoes.

5. Banana and olive oil
Make a mixture of both natural materials such as masks. How to make that by smoothing a banana then add 2-3 drops of olive oil. After that just apply on your face and let stand a few moments then rinse face thoroughly.

also read How to Brighten Skin Naturally

Almost all the way to smooth the face with natural ingredients above is very easy to do. In addition the material is easily found itself measures its application is very easy.A few beauty tips this time, I hope you have a smooth skin after applying one of the above ways.


Duplex (coated)

Duplex (coated)]
Duplex material is easily distinguished from the other ingredients, type Duplex paper has one side white and the other side (the back) gray. Duplex Paper is commonly used as the base type of memorandum book, and particularly for the manufacture of packaging box because the price is relatively cheap compared to other materials.

Ordinary printed only one side, on the side of the colored Puth. Gramasi commonly used 250gr, 270gr, 310gr, 350Gr, 400g


Ivory paper is paper that is safe for pabrik karton box use as a FOOD PACKAGING. Ivory paper has two sides are white with different textures. one side fine-textured and the other side a little rough like HVS.
Typically used for the Ivory Paper Packaging Box or because it is quite thick and sturdy. And that makes it more Ivory Paper demand is, the impression of “Exclusive” her. Packaging of food in the restaurant now too many are using paper as the base material Dus Ivory Their food, in addition to safe for food, this paper also has kesain more exclusive. Gramasi commonly used is 210gr, 250gr, 300gr, 350Gr. The use of ivory paper now much in demand, especially in the manufacturing process or Dus Food Paper Bag. In addition to its thickness, this paper also turned out to be one type of paper is Food Grade (Not harmful to food consumed). So this paper is very suitable to be used for a restaurant-restaurant that wants to sell food to take home by the consumer.

    Corrugated  or K brain Cardboard Wave (KKG) Carton Box Tool packaging shaped box made of one or several sheets of kraft paper liner and medium paper as a coating wavelength.
The presence of a layer of corrugated is what distinguishes a box of corrugated board with cardboard boxes, such as Solid Board Box etc. KKG is a transport packaging or packaging distribution of the most commonly used today. This paper can also be coherent with duplex paper and can print full color. Packaging can create cakes etc Bandar Judi.

 for the purposes of cardboard there are three types:
1.single wall
– a-fluted
– b-fluted
   – c-fluted
   – e-fluted
   – f-fluted
2.double wall
3.triple wall

ie the number of waves in the material, the more it will be even stronger wave

Samson Kraft

Paper materials derived from the recycling process, has a brown color modes and there is also a dark brown. Commonly used for wrapping paper, but because it sounded classical material is also widely used for the manufacture of paperbag, hangtag, because basically brown color, usually printed 1-2 colors only. Gramasi commonly used 150gr, 220gr (carton)

Keeping and Caring Tips Beauty Face At Night

Once we review the news concerning tips on choosing a facial cleanser this time we still review about the other facial treatments. It’s no secret, keeping the beauty of the face in the evening had such great benefits. Because at night it is the right time for the skin to perform the regeneration of the skin, which is the process by which skin cells to replace skin with new skin death or younger. read too How to Smooth Rough Skin Naturally

Beauty Care Tips Face With Natural Ingredients

This skin regeneration process will make your face into a cleaner, healthier, supple, soft and protected from aging and wrinkles . Therefore, it is suggested to clean up the remnants of makeup from your face so your skin can breathe with relief and can regenerate properly. Here are tips on maintaining and caring for facial beauty at night:


1. Cleaning Make-Up

First, the tips keeping the beauty of the face in the evening you have to do is clean your face from the rest of the make-up you wear and dirt that sticks to your face. You can use a very practical way is by using make-up remover that you can get at the supermarkets or mini-mini market nearby. Use a soft cotton, so that all traces of make-up and impurities can be lifted.


2. Using or Facial Foam Cleanser

Second, once you wear make-up remover you must continue using the cleanser. Wash your face using warm water, so that the pores open. Then, use the cleanser evenly on the face, massage, massage, and set aside some time for all the dirt to be lifted, then rinse with cold water wearing.


3. Using Toner

Toner serves as a refresher and can also help cleanse your face from dirt or remnants of make-up that can not be reached by the make-up remover or cleanser.  Tips Beauty Care Face With Natural Ingredients are obliged to try.


4. Using Night Cream

Cream very help treat and moisturize the face you.Highly recommended for those who have facial acne, you want to eliminate black spots , and eliminate wrinkles on your face.


5. Using Face Masks

Face masks can help nourish and care for facial skin can Anda.Anda wearing face masks of beauty products that you believe in, or can also use a natural face mask made from avocado, yam, and so forth.


6. Using Lip Moisturizer

Lips are often forgotten her treatment, when your lips are supple and beautiful can add to your charm. To moisturize and nourish your lips, can use olive oil so that the regeneration of the skin on your lips can take place smoothly.


7. Drink Water Before Bed

The water is very important in the health of the body or face. You do not have to worry about your skin will look dull, because water can neutralize the salt and useless substances from your body.Because besides you take care of your skin from the outside using the products or ingredients of beauty, you also need to take care of your body.


Drink a glass of water before bed can help take care of your skin from your body. In addition to drinking water, taking vitamins and supplements, such as vitamin E, may also be made so that a beauty treatment of your body is getting the maximum.


8. Enough Sleep And Quality

Sleep is one of the most important factors that maintain a healthy body and skin. With enough sleep and quality, not only maintain a healthy body, but also the health of your skin will be maintained. Therefore, you should avoid the habit of staying up you if you do not want your skin looks dull and wrinkled.


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