5 Hottest and Latest Android Games September 2016

Devices Android is a device that has a lot of interesting applications and one of them is games. Play games is an interesting activity to do -sela interrupted empty time or your spare time. For users of Android devices in particular gamers or very like to play games certainly can not be separated from the application of games on your Android device.

There are so many games that Clash Royale Hack Online are now on the rise in world entertainment arena for android for android smartphone users. Game latest android follows is taken from download highest number on google play store and enthusiasts of the game is quite a lot.

Here we’ll cover in full on the fifth best-selling and latest Android Games , let us consider just the full review.5 Hottest and Latest Android Games

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1. Raccoon Rising

Raccoon Rising is one of the best games and also still fairly new. These games can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store and certainly no less interesting to other games to be played on your Android device. Raccoon Rising is quite interesting to play, we help the raccoon to jump and dodge all the obstacles and pitfalls that arise. To play these games much needed concentration and accuracy so that raccoons can be upwards. Each level of the game has different difficulty levels and the higher the level, the higher the level of difficulty and obstacles.

2. Dream House Days

Dream House Days is a game that requires players to manage an apartment. In these games players can manage the apartments liking. These games run with two missions, the first mission is to make the apartment residents feel safe and comfortable while the second mission is to make the apartment still earn profit or gain. Both of these missions must be conducted properly and games can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.


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