What is the Efficiency of Engineering? Comparison of Diesel and Gasoline Engines

Engine efficiency refers to the ability of the engine to convert the energy available from the fuel into kinetic energy which is handy. Modern gasoline engine operates at an average of about 20 to 30 percent efficiency.

 The remaining 70 to 80 percent of the energy of gasoline dispensed from the machine either as heat, mechanical sound energy, or friction.

At no time is running, the engine’s efficiency is zero because the engine does not drive the vehicle and only operate accessories, such as water pumps and generators.

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Car engine

Compared to gasoline engines, diesel engines are considered more efficient. The diesel engine uses high compression in the cylinders to ignite the fuel.

This makes the higher-compression diesel engine has an efficiency of about 40 percent. This efficiency is usually only achieved by direct injection type diesel engine.

The compression ratio of the engine will also affect the efficiency of the engine. This is due, in part, due to the engine’s ability to convert heat from the combustion process to produce energy.

 Gasoline engine cars generally operate at no more than a compression ratio of 10: 1. In contrast, the diesel engine can operate with compression ratios up to 25: 1.

The higher the compression ratio, the better the overall engine efficiency.

The amount of oxygen that can be absorbed machines affect its ability to operate more efficiently.

This is the reason why nitrous oxide added to the fuel system of gasoline engines.

Nitrous oxide added molecular oxygen into the combustion chamber, so that more fuel is burned. This in turn makes the engine operate more efficiently.

The type of fuel also affects efficiency. Gasoline with higher octane will allow the engine to operate with a higher compression ratio, which means increased efficiency.

Fuels such as nitromethane produces oxygen, thereby creating greater engine power due to more fuel is burned.

Another type of machine even has a smaller efficiency. Steam piston engines, for example, operates at about 8 percent efficiency.

Steam turbine on the other hand, operates at a level of efficiency equal or exceed diesel engines.

This is why the steam turbines used for power generation.

While the gas turbine engine is the most efficient of all types of machines when operated at full power.

How to Play Billiard Android Game 8 Ball Pool

How to Play Billiard Android Game 8 Ball Pool . Playing billiard those who have directly feel able to play on android devices that we have which might be when we play billiard directly was not possible because of the age factor and also the embarrassment factor.

There is one game android serving billiard game that can be played with friends from different countries. Android about this billiard game called 8 Ball Pool is developed by Miniclip SA is also the developer of the game Bowling King , 8 Ball Pool file sizes when you first downloaded this game is 32 MB.

Hasil gambar untuk cara bermain game 8 ball pool

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Little did we get acquainted and learn how to play Billiards in 8 Ball Pool. In this game there is a menu to play a game where the menu represents some billiard game in it. Here are menus that can be access to play games android 8 Ball Pool:

1 . Play 1 on 1

On the menu Play 1 on 1 we will fight tough billiard players from different countries and different levels. To play billiard here it takes a minimum of 50 coins to play and against other players. On the menu Play 1 on 1 there are also some locations or places that we can play with them:

  • All in Monaco Long

Monaco’s location is one of the locations are on the prize of 2 times that of the other locations. To be able to play at this location we will pay 1000 coins for one play billiard billiard player against another.

  • Downtown London Pub

Play 8 Ball Pool billiard game there are places most widely played namely Downtown London Pub where this location is the location with the cheapest cost to compete is 50 coins and we will get a $ 100 coin if it won the billiards game.

  • Sydney Marina Bar
 The next place that has the most players on the android game 8 Ball Pool is Sydney Marina Bar, where this location is the location with the ability level of opponents is still the standard or it can be said is still a beginner level. To sign we will pay a $ 100 coin and the coin will get $ 200 if we can win the match.
  • Moscow Winter Club

Here a very appropriate location to play for beginners because this place has some opponents have levels above us and also can add the ability to play billiards. To get into this location required a minimum of 500 coins and will be obtained later is 1000 coins.

  • Tokyo Warrior Hall

Here we will play with ball pockets 8, to be able to enter the required cost of 2500 coins and the winner will get a prize of 5,000 coins.

  • Las Vegas Full House

In the game 8 Ball Pool there are also locations play called Las Vegas Full House and the location name is similar to the name of any region in the country the United States. If we want to play billiards here, we would be charged an entrance fee of 10,000 coins and will get a prize of 20,000 coins.

  • Jakarta Vulcano

It’s the most sought gamers Indonesia, because the name of one of the cities in Indonesia inserted into this game. Jakarta Volcano is a location that provides a prize of 100,000 coins when winning billiard games against other players, but to follow this match we will be charged 50,000 coins.

  • Toronto Maple Suite

Playing at the site of the Toronto Maple Suite requires 100,000 coins to be able to play in it and we will get a prize of 200,000 coins.

  • Cairo Kasbah

To play in Cairo Kasbah should have the ability to play and also have enough coins because here a lot of billiard players are very tough. Coins needed for one match is 250,000 coins and gifts that we will get is 500,000 coins.

  • Dubai Golden Challenge

This location is the location that has an enrollment of expensive, for one match we would be 500,000 coins but will get 1,000,000 coins.

  • Shanghai Oriental Pearl

One location that has a prize of one million coins are Shanghai Oriental Pearl, but the application fee is also quite large in the amount of 500,000 coins. This fee is similar to the existing cost at Dubai Golden Challenge.

  • paris Chateau

With a one-time fee of 2,500,000 coins billiard match then we will get 5,000,000 coins which means Location Paris Chateau is the location to be very expensive for the novice player game 8 Ball Pool.

  • Rome Colosseum

The Colosseum in Rome location costs are equal to the cost on the location of Paris Cheteau namely for the registration fee of 2,500,000 coins and prizes obtained of 5,000,000 coins.

  • Bangkok Temple

At this location is a location which can be considered the most expensive both for the registration fee or for gifts obtained. Costs to follow the match here will be charged a fee of 5,000,000 coins and will receive a prize of 10 million coins.

2 . Play Tournament

Play Tournament in the menu, there are several tournaments that we can follow, each tournament will have 8 players who will play that will win the grand prize that will be earned by the winner, the tournaments are available:

  • Downtown London Pub Tournament

Downtown London tournament play, there are 8 players who will get the top prize of 1000 coins. Cost to enter and follow the matches in this tournament is 200 coins.

  • Sydney Marina Bar Tournament

The tournament, which is in this location requires us to register for the 3000 coins to get a grand prize of 18 000 coins.

  • Moscow Winter Club Tournament

The fee for this tournament is 5,000 coins and the grand prize that will be awarded is 30,000 coins.

  • Tokyo Warrior Hall Tournament

Playing tournaments in Tokyo Warrior Hall must have a good level in defeating opponents because here players already have a very good level so it is very difficult to beat them all. When you want to play in this tournament we would be charged a fee of 10,000 coins and gifts that would be obtained if winning this tournament is 60,000 coins.

3 . Play Minigames

On the menu Play minigames we will be invited to play simple games that will give prizes. Existing games that Spin and Win, and Win scrath and Hi-Lo.

4 . Play with Friends

 Billiard compete more fun when we play against friends we know. Play With Friends On the menu we can play billiard one on one with our friends who are on Facebook to try expertise in playing billiard.

To enhance financial capability and also that we have, in the android game 8 Ball Pool also provide purchasing bat (cues), coins, cash, and other menu Shop located at the bottom of the game screen.

One we can buy in a store or Shop 8 Ball Pool is a bat or Cue. Sticks that exist among others: Soccer Stars Cue, Cue Skull, Pine Cue, Cue Cowhide, Candy Cue and so forth until the stick is a premium.

It was some explanation whatever is on android games 8 Ball Pool, although the explanation is still sorely lacking, but as much as possible all served with the best. Hopefully How to Play Billiard Android Game 8 Ball Pool can add insight about the game play, especially on game android .

Benefits Jengkol For Diabetes, Heart, Pregnancy

Bigfoot is a food that many people and too many people who hate it. The distinctive aroma jengkol sometimes make a person feel uncomfortable. Aroma jengkol will appear on bad breath and urine.

Of course by smelling urine jengkol will make the bathroom or toilet becomes malodorous. Behind the pungent aroma, apparently saved the benefits jengkol outstanding.

Jengkol For Health Benefits


Of course, the benefits of jengkol can be obtained easily. The first way can be done by taking it directly. Bigfoot also can be cooked into delicious dishes such as stews and also rendang jengkol jengkol.

Jengkol for health benefits is to prevent constipation, prevent anemia, manage diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and is also good for pregnant women. Jengkol contain fiber which is very good for the digestive system. Adequate fiber intake will keep you from constipation.

Benefits Jengkol For Diabetes

Constipation is too often would endanger the health of the body due to constipation can lead to colon cancer. Benefits of jengkol can be obtained by consuming jengkol directly.

Another benefit of jengkol is to prevent anemia. The disease occurs due to iron deficiency. Jengkol contain enough iron as high as 4.7 grams per 100 g jengkol. Jengkol benefits for diabetes because substances in jengkol can make the sugar content in the blood can be dropped in a timely manner.

Jengkol Benefits For Heart

Of course how to lower blood sugar by consuming jengkol must be balanced with a healthy lifestyle. One is by reducing foods that contain high sugars. If you are a fan of sweet drinks and foods, then you can replace it with corn sugar. With a healthy lifestyle, then the benefits of jengkol be optimal.

Jengkol benefits for the heart because of their high mineral content ang heart. Types of coronary heart disease was the one that can be overcome by consuming jengkol. Coronary heart disease occurs because of the narrowing of blood vessels.

The narrowing of the course will make the flow of blood to the heart becomes smooth. The mineral content in jengkol will make blood vessels narrowed back. Jengkol the benefits of the course can be obtained by processing the heart does not become overcook.

Jengkol Benefits For Pregnant Women

Jengkol benefits for pregnant women that is very good for bone growth in the fetus and can also prevent constipation. The content of calcium in jengkol is quite high. Calcium is essential for bone growth, including bone in the fetus. In addition to calcium, fiber content in jengkol also very high.

Pregnant women will more often suffer from constipation. Thus, by consuming jengkol, then pregnant women will avoid constipation. Jengkol benefits for pregnant should limit their consumption of jengkol. Thus, you also will be spared from the negative effects of jengkol.

8 Ball Pool Hack Download 100 Percent Working Now

It isn’t hard to get 8 Ball Pool hack download nowadays. You can have thousands hacks of the game including this site. However, what makes it difficult is to know whether or not it is working. Of course, you can assume that my hack tool isn’t working at this moment. In addition, I won’t force you to use my tool. However, don’t be fooled by other sites too. If you insist that there is no hack working now on 8 Ball Pool, you shouldn’t be here surely. Otherwise, you visit this site and read my article now. It means that you have a chance to test or try out my lovely hack on this page. This is how it works.

How it Works?

You must click on 8 Ball Pool hack download first to know how it works. Afterwards, wait the download process for a moment before you can save it into your phone. This download link contains an apk files for Android mobile phones. It means that you can save and install it as you wish. For your information, the installation doesn’t take a long time. Tap on the icon after you installed it. Then, the hack tool will be opening the menus. On the phone screen, you should select the device type of your smartphone. Then, choose some features that you want to add into your account.

About 8 Ball Pool

Miniclip, who creates this game, has a very good idea to convert the pool game into smartphone. As a result, 8 Ball Pool becomes the largest pool game so far among Androids and other phones. People compete with others through several game modes like one on one match or tournament. Not only is the billiard pool game offered here, but also the customizations of items that require coins. Coins can be received through several ways. You can bet in a match or buy it with your money. The easiest and fastest way is of course to use this 8 Ball Pool hack download.

Moviestarplanet Hack Generator Beginner Guide via Computer

I have been providing you all with my MovieStarPlanet hack generator in this special article. Hack generator becomes very popular these days because it is simple and easy for all players who just play this game or the veteran one. The generator will send your request to the server after you filled the amounts and username or ID of yours on the generator. Just wait for couple seconds and everything will be the same as you planned before. That is how my hack generator works in this game. If you are still curious enough about this online hack, read on till the end.

How to Play?

Before you are going to use this MovieStarPlanet hack generator, you must register and play the game first. You can download MovieStarPlanet directly from your mobile phones via app store or Google Play. After couple minutes of downloading, the game will be installed automatically. Then, you can play the game. In the very beginning, you should create your avatar. Please select the gender, woman or man. After that, you should pick some accessories, hair and outfits for your avatar. Lastly, you will be asked for username and password, and you can now enter the MovieStarPlanet. On the screen, you will see many attractive icons. Learn them first by yourself until you notice that the game currency, Starcoins and Diamonds, is very important to play this game.

How to Use Hack Generator?

It is the right time to use my MovieStarPlanet hack generator now. You don’t need to waste or spend your money in order to receive the game currency. Instead, you just have to use this generator via the Internet. Click this page and you will see the hack generator page soon. Enter your mobile phone type, and you will be asked for VIP membership. Of course, it is necessary to get the diamonds. Check on the list and then enter your username. The generate button will complete your job.

Tips Brought Into Photographic Equipment Aircraft

Bring photographic equipment into the air or into the aircraft cabin is a necessity that must be done photographer. Beginning in 2016 shocked incident reporting loss of goods – goods belonging to passengers at the airport, and can make anyone be added vigilant and careful – careful if you do not want the goods – valuables were taken while on holiday or working, lost somewhere. Best digital camera 2017

If you’ve read my previous post about, ” Can carry a tripod into the aircraft cabin? “This post deals with a similar photographic equipment, but adding equipment such as cameras, lenses to be brought into the aircraft cabin.


Prepare Special Camera Bag

Prepare a special bag camera that comes with the room – a room with a divider / sleeve to separate the camera and lens, such as bag-type suitcases (suitcase), backpack (backpack), messenger bag (shoulder bag). If necessary, add Bubble Wrap as an added protection to avoid conflicts when it is placed to the floor or a table inadvertently.

2. Bring Cameras and Lenses Moderation

Bring what’s important to you as to the location, for example 2 cameras as backup / backup when the first camera was not working, 2 or 3 lens is enough. Plus a memory card, camera batteries, cleaners, and flash if the flash into the equipment carried. Make sure the equipment is not too bad when you carry it, be it due to its weight and so forth.

3. Remove the Lens Of Camera

For a while, remove the lens from the camera if it is not time to use or to location.

4. Bring the Battery Moderation

DSLR or mirrorless camera battery is not big and flashy, the rules allow the airline may not carry the battery more than 3-4, but for the battery size DSLR or mirrorless not be a problem. Except for the battery Drone great, just take 1-2 batteries alone. Experience bringing friends Drone for traveling, they only carry 2 batteries Drone , the rest are not allowed for security reasons and contain chemicals Lithium.

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5. Bring Camera Bag Into Aircraft cabins

If you already packing cameras, lenses and other equipment in one bag, do not try – you tried to enter the bag containing the camera and lens in the trunk air when the Check In , bring a bag containing the equipment to come with you into the aircraft cabin. Too risky if you put behind them into the aircraft baggage, whether treated as what you do not know.

Can – can fill in a bag is not full, open, lost, or broken. I am not prejudiced, but to be safe, and to avoid unwanted things happen. But if you still insist enter also into the aircraft baggage, make sure the box shatterproof protection form / hard case that is very expensive.

Cameras, lenses are goods – expensive items that had long you have, a lot of money for investment, especially lenses, secure and take it to go with you wherever you go. Security of the airport area could have been tight, but errors or opportunities for people – people who are not responsible ready to take over when unmindful of supervision.

How to save on Hooq Watch Movies and Viu

Mobile operator Telkomsel to bring a video streaming service, VideoMax. This service gives subscribers access to content data is Telkomsel Hooq and Viu, and enjoy it with a cheaper price.

VideoMax be Telkomsel solution for movie fans and TV series to be able to enjoy thousands of movie titles and TV series are more efficient customer favorite. Video can be streamed using a smartphone or tablet PC with a more affordable price. Openload

Screenshot_100“Currently, customer interest in accessing video on demand content from the device continues to increase,” said President Director of Telkomsel, Ririek Adriansyah in a written statement received

“VideoMax is a testament to the seriousness of Telkomsel to provide a range of alternatives digital entertainment services according to customer requirements, “added Ririek.

To enjoy the service VideoMAX, customer Customer simPATI, Ace, and Loop Telkomsel need to subscribe to monthly data packages as normal through MyTelkomsel application or access a menu USSD * 363 #.

Data packets for use during the 30 days includes access to premium content on demand video services Hooq and Viu, as well as data quota to watch movies up to 7 GB. Of course Hooq or Viu application must also be pre-installed on the device.

If the customer still feel the quotas are not enough to satisfy like watching movies, Telkomsel provides extra package quotas video.

In addition to access to premium content HOOQ and Viu, this package provides additional data quota to watch movies up to 12 GB with prices ranging from Rp 20,000 to use for 30 days.

This option is relatively cheaper than the subscription Hooq or Viu directly. Hooq to collect a fee of Rp 49,500 per month to its customers. While Viu has a Premium package for Rp 30,000 per month.

To note, until the third quarter of 2016, from a total of 75 million subscribers Telkomsel data, there are currently around 30 million active subscribers enjoy video. This number increased by 24 percent compared with the same period in the previous year.

Power Price Latest Bank, Offers a large selection of quality DragOnGadget

Power Bank now uses very popular among the modern mobile users, or can be called by the name of the smartphone. Electronic products this one very loved even taken anywhere by mobile users with smartphones has. So, if the power of the banks? Power bank or in terms of Indonesian is a power storage that can be used to add or charge on mobile phones anytime and anywhere as needed.

Power bank is an object that is included in the category of hardware which helps users active mobile phones that often are outdoors or indoors minimal electric current, and requires the use of mobile phones at any time. By using the power bank mobile phone users will be easier to recharge the battery if the mobile phone has run out of battery.

Delcell Power Bank

The design is small and can be taken anywhere with a storage capacity of electric power is quite good, making power banks are increasingly favored and taken to wherever its travel. In addition, the price of power bank also considered to be very economical with very promising usefulness. Of course with the function as carger portable, owners of power bank will not feel anxious when having to carry a cell phone or other gadgets anywhere in a long time despite the absence of electrical power, because they are already preparing for backup power at the power his bank, is useful and practical not?

Benefits of Using Power Bank

After knowing the sense of power of banks in general, the next will be elaborated on the benefits of power bank for its users. Certainly the power of banks as one of the gadgets that need to be held today has many uses for users who, among others:

  • Helps charge the battery quickly and practical for someone who has a busy life.
  • Has a dimension that is small and light, so it is very convenient to carry anywhere for optimal battery charging.
  • Charge the battery anytime and anywhere without having trouble finding an electrical outlet.
  • Optimizing mobile phone battery charging even in a precarious state

Use of Power Banks that need attention

Every kind of power bank will have a storage capacity of electric power that is different from the smallest namely 300 mAh which is only capable of a few percent undertakes battery charging mobile phones, up to 11000 mAh power which can be used for charging mobile phones berlulang. Each power bank with different storage space power will also affect the price of the power of the bank itself.

To use the power of banks needs to be done first charging electric power by filling it to the brim with electrical terminals. If the charger power bank thats enough then the power bank can already be used and taken anywhere as a means of electrical power storage will be needed to charge the battery is almost exhausted.

For example, if you have a power bank with a storage capacity of up to 2500 mAh power and capacity batrai gadget or mobile phone that you have is 1200 mAh, then you will be able to use the power of banks to the gadgets you have as much as two times the use of refills. Of course, by doing so you will feel safe and comfortable if a day using mobile phones despite being in the outdoors or indoors that will be minimal electricity supply, because the function of the power of banks as providers of power would make cellular phones or gadgets you have will not die because of running out of battery in the middle of the road.

Power bank for its application will be equipped with a USB connector cable that can be connected to the electrical sockets as well as a connector in various types of mobile phone you have, so that the power bank can be used by various types of mobile phones, especially smartphones.

Recommended Price Information Power Bank DragOnGadget

Power bank is certainly very useful for mobile phone users who have high mobility. If you also need a power bank to accompany the daily activities of a busy and difficult to charge the battery, here also will be reviewed useful information regarding pricing power bank that you should know before you buy. Hopefully with this information you will get the best price on a product that suits your needs, following the latest price list power bank special for you:


  • Delcell Power Bank 10500 mAh capacity – White >>>> Rp. 109,000
  • Delcell Power Bank 10000 mAh capacity – White >>>> Rp. 109,000
  • Delcell super slim Power Bank 9000 mAh capacity – Gold >>>> Rp. 229 000
  • Delcell Steel Capacity Power Bank 8600 mAh – Silver >>>> Rp. 129,000


  • Hippo POWERBANK Capacity 12500 mAh – Grey >>>> Rp. 149,000
  • Hippo POWERBANK Capacity 5200 mAh – Grey >>>> Rp. 89,000
  • Hippo POWERBANK Capacity 7500 mAh – White >>>> Rp. 109,000
  • Hippo POWERBANK Capacity 20000 mAh – White >>>> Rp. 229 000


  • ACETECH Capacity Power Bank 20000 mAh – White >>>> Rp. 119 000
  • ACETECH Capacity 11000mAh Power Bank – White >>>> Rp. 105.000


  • Unique Ultra Slim Power Bank Capacity 13000mAh – White >>>> Rp. 139,000
  • Xiaomi Mi POWERBANK Capacity 10000 mAh – Silver >>>> Rp. 149,000
  • Capacity Power Bank Xiaomi 16000 mAh – Silver >>>> Rp. 227 500
  • Vivan 5200mAh Capacity Power Bank – Black >>>> Rp. 89.900
  • Unique Ultra Slim Power Bank 11000mAh Capacity – Black >>>> Rp. 102,000

Above it is the recommendation of DragOnGadget with POWERBANK cheap price but still qualified. If you want to know the best bank power that I have discussed in earlier please refer to:

That’s some price power bank latest to be information for you. Some other prices with the brand and the ability of different storage capacities are also typically ranges from Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 250,000 which you can choose according to your needs. Similarly, useful information regarding the usefulness and power prices on the latest bank. Thank you for visiting.