No wonder why roses are called as the queen of flowers, tanaman hidroponik it is because the petals have a very beautiful shape also has a distinctive aroma. Therefore, a lot of people who want to plant roses in her home in particular is the weaker sex.

However, based on communication via bbm, sms, or telephone us, most of them a little trouble with how to care for roses to be diligent flowering, or other problems are usually roses originally petals big when buying from a florist, when it switched hands to them , flowers that bloom further be small or not as big as before. How to overcome these problems?

Diligent flowering roses

Planting roses is rather unique, can be said to be difficult if not know the science, but it can be easy if you already know the science. Planting roses does require special treatment, he can not be treated just by simply spraying water every morning and evening.

But there are some things that must be considered. The first is a rose plant should be placed where it is exposed to the sun all day ( full sun ) so that photosynthetic activity can be carried out well.

Diligent flowering roses

How to care for roses to be more diligent flowering is to provide nutrition in accordance with the needs of the roses. These nutrients are fertilizers, manure is best manure or natural fertilizer produced from animal waste. However, if you have trouble getting the fertilizer type, can use fertilizer

NPK (fertilizer) containing elements of main nutrients ie nitrogen which helps the vegetative growth mainly leaves, phosphorus helps the growth of roots and shoots, as well as potassium, which helps flowering and fruiting. However, the application of NPK fertilizer use should not be overused and should not be too much given to each plant roses, because if overdose, rose plant you could even become dry / charred and eventually die. Read: Tips on Giving Fertilizer Roses In Pot . Agen Judi Online

Watering should be done 2 times (morning and evening) a day if the weather is hot and is only done once (morning) in a day every day if the weather is not hot. If the weather conditions of rain every day, especially when the plant your roses directly exposed to rainwater, it is advisable to spray the leaves and flowers with plain water immediately after the rain stopped ,

Because rain water is rather hard especially for plant roses. The second alternative if the rains are regular spraying a pesticide that roses are resistant to rain, which usually resulted in broken roses (Read: Tips For Rose Hold Against Rain ). If stored in a place such as adapting the concept of a greenhouse in the shade canopy, pretty watered every other day if it was the rainy season.

In various sources, the use of water used to air conditioning or cold water from the refrigerator can be used for watering the roses and mentioned he could diligent flowering roses with water. To this we’ve never attempted because we do not have AC (Bandung already cool without air conditioning, hehe). Although even so, there are customers who tried it and the result does make diligent flowering roses even though in areas with a hot air temperature.

How to care for roses that bloom diligently followed was a routine treatment so that your rose plants are not attacked by pests. If attacked by pests, of course, roses growth will be retarded and could even die from it.

For the drug spraying insecticide and fungicide needs to be done at least once a month and a maximum of two weeks (if the dry weather conditions). Read: Tips Anticipation Hama On Roses In Pot . Do not forget to always remove weeds (unwanted wild plants) if grown in a planting medium your roses.

The last and most important that you are diligent flowering roses is the treatment that is usually said by women “can not bear”, is it? Diligent cut rose stems that had started to dry using a clean scissor cuttings. Some people told me that they did not have the heart to do it because they are dear to plant roses.

In fact, cut the stems on roses is a way Affection to the diligent flowering roses. In fact, sometimes do not need to wait for the rod began to dry and then cut. In some cases, that diligent flowering roses and it produces large flowers, cutting the stem needs to be done to stimulate the growth of new shoots, where the new buds will usually grow better so that it can generate good interest anyway.

That’s the general overview of how to care for roses to be diligent flowering particularly for ornamental roses. As for the roses kind of semi holland, need treatment that is a bit more special than the roses ornamental, and probably womankind will increasingly do not have the heart by way of the treatment of roses semi holland actual treatment is intended that rose spring holland can produce large flowers and beautiful , So if you want to plant roses spring holland at home, you should first read my previous article titled Is semi holland roses can be planted in pots? Lastly, may be useful and happy gardening!

Types of Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

From a glance we would have understood the intent of the type of heat-resistant ornamental plants this, cautions not resistant to heat because it burned ya .. .Absolutely houseplants shraap is an excess of ornamental plants that exist in the review this time.

Okay just let me not a lot of strings attached, we are just on the subject of the review of ornamental plants heat resistance, in which the plants resistant to weather despite the extreme hot weather.

Lihat disini: tanaman hias daun

heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun's heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Listed below are some ornamental plants heat resistance , such as:

heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

As in previous reviews that type of Ornamental Plants Roots of Popular , ornamental plants that have the beauty and uniqueness in terms of its root is in addition called as an ornamental plant popular roots, banyan is also a plant that is resistant to various weather including heat. Ornamental plants are often used as objects banyan bonsai thrives in Indonesia beloved country.


heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

Aside from being a popular ornamental plant, Bougenville or paper flowers also proved resilient to heat or sunlight, which if the heat overwrite other plants, it will cause the plant to wilt. As discussed in the previous article Types of Ornamental Plants Popular flowers , there are several kinds of ornamental plants is well known that Bougainvillea ‘Red’; Bougainvillea Pultonii; Bougainvillea ‘Elizabeth Angus’;Bougainvillea ‘Easter Parade’ and Bougainvillea ‘Lady Mary Baring.

flowers Euporbia

heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

This euphorbia flower ornamental plants will grow well if exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise if not exposed to sunlight it will affect the growth, the worse the flowers of these plants will look dull.


heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

If you look at the films of Europe that we know the cold climate region, it will show a lot of pine trees grow. But make no mistake, it turns fir can also thrive in the area or areas with hot weather. so we can conclude that this evergreen ornamental plants able to survive in any weather condition.


heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

Yup … absolutely right, we see a lot of cactus plants growing in desert areas or dry. This cactus can live a long time even in the absence of water. Extreme hot weather does not make him dead.


heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

Trees are very popular on the island of Bali is able to withstand the hot weather. Conversely, if too much water will actually make these plants quickly die. In a previous article ( type Ornamental Plants Roots Popular ) This plant is categorized as an ornamental plant popular roots, so after reading this article we can conclude that Cambodia is a popular ornamental plant roots are heat resistant … hehe ..


heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

Definitely all know this stems of plants, right? palm is often made to decorate the yard of the house, but because of its beauty turns this tree can also withstand hot weather.

How to Smooth Rough Skin Naturally

Not all women have skin that is smooth, but almost all women would like to have it. Rough facial skin can be caused by various factors, such as pollution, dull, acne scars, dead skin cells, the poor face, and so forth. Smooth skin is not difficult because you can use a variety of natural materials that exist around us.Although using only natural ingredients, but the result is quite satisfactory.

 How to Smooth Face

Some of the natural ingredients that you can use to soften the face of which the yam, avocado, honey and eggs. All natural materials have been proven to soften the face quickly without side effects. One facial treatment trivial but very maintain healthy skin wash the face. If you want to have delicate facial skin should wash your face at all times to remove dust and dirt.

One way to smooth the face naturally by using the avocado. It is very easy, first of all the fruit puree ripe avocados first. After that, apply on your skin and leave on for 15-20 minutes and then wash your face with warm water. Besides the avocado you can also smooth the skin with other natural materials, here’s more information on how to smooth the skin rough.

1. With honey and egg
Set 1 tablespoon of honey and one egg. Break the eggs and download the white part only, then mix with honey that had been prepared earlier. Once well blended and then apply on your face as a natural mask. Wait for 10-15 minutes and then wash your face with warm water.

2. Avocados
Prepare in advance of an avocado is ripe. Afterwards puree and apply on your face.Once applied let stand for 15-20 minutes and then rinse your face with warm water.

3. Papaya fruit
content of papain enzyme in these fruits can remove dead skin cells that can cause facial skin becomes rough. How to use that to soften the ripe papaya fruit after it spread to the face. Let stand for 15 minutes and then wash your face thoroughly.

4. Tomato
Puree the tomatoes taste until completely smooth, you can use a blender for maximum results. After that, apply it on your face and leave on for 20 minutes then rinse with water. So the results are more effective you can also mix lemon juice on the tomatoes.

5. Banana and olive oil
Make a mixture of both natural materials such as masks. How to make that by smoothing a banana then add 2-3 drops of olive oil. After that just apply on your face and let stand a few moments then rinse face thoroughly.

also read How to Brighten Skin Naturally

Almost all the way to smooth the face with natural ingredients above is very easy to do. In addition the material is easily found itself measures its application is very easy.A few beauty tips this time, I hope you have a smooth skin after applying one of the above ways.


Duplex (coated)

Duplex (coated)]
Duplex material is easily distinguished from the other ingredients, type Duplex paper has one side white and the other side (the back) gray. Duplex Paper is commonly used as the base type of memorandum book, and particularly for the manufacture of packaging box because the price is relatively cheap compared to other materials.

Ordinary printed only one side, on the side of the colored Puth. Gramasi commonly used 250gr, 270gr, 310gr, 350Gr, 400g


Ivory paper is paper that is safe for pabrik karton box use as a FOOD PACKAGING. Ivory paper has two sides are white with different textures. one side fine-textured and the other side a little rough like HVS.
Typically used for the Ivory Paper Packaging Box or because it is quite thick and sturdy. And that makes it more Ivory Paper demand is, the impression of “Exclusive” her. Packaging of food in the restaurant now too many are using paper as the base material Dus Ivory Their food, in addition to safe for food, this paper also has kesain more exclusive. Gramasi commonly used is 210gr, 250gr, 300gr, 350Gr. The use of ivory paper now much in demand, especially in the manufacturing process or Dus Food Paper Bag. In addition to its thickness, this paper also turned out to be one type of paper is Food Grade (Not harmful to food consumed). So this paper is very suitable to be used for a restaurant-restaurant that wants to sell food to take home by the consumer.

    Corrugated  or K brain Cardboard Wave (KKG) Carton Box Tool packaging shaped box made of one or several sheets of kraft paper liner and medium paper as a coating wavelength.
The presence of a layer of corrugated is what distinguishes a box of corrugated board with cardboard boxes, such as Solid Board Box etc. KKG is a transport packaging or packaging distribution of the most commonly used today. This paper can also be coherent with duplex paper and can print full color. Packaging can create cakes etc Bandar Judi.

 for the purposes of cardboard there are three types:
1.single wall
– a-fluted
– b-fluted
   – c-fluted
   – e-fluted
   – f-fluted
2.double wall
3.triple wall

ie the number of waves in the material, the more it will be even stronger wave

Samson Kraft

Paper materials derived from the recycling process, has a brown color modes and there is also a dark brown. Commonly used for wrapping paper, but because it sounded classical material is also widely used for the manufacture of paperbag, hangtag, because basically brown color, usually printed 1-2 colors only. Gramasi commonly used 150gr, 220gr (carton)

Keeping and Caring Tips Beauty Face At Night

Once we review the news concerning tips on choosing a facial cleanser this time we still review about the other facial treatments. It’s no secret, keeping the beauty of the face in the evening had such great benefits. Because at night it is the right time for the skin to perform the regeneration of the skin, which is the process by which skin cells to replace skin with new skin death or younger. read too How to Smooth Rough Skin Naturally

Beauty Care Tips Face With Natural Ingredients

This skin regeneration process will make your face into a cleaner, healthier, supple, soft and protected from aging and wrinkles . Therefore, it is suggested to clean up the remnants of makeup from your face so your skin can breathe with relief and can regenerate properly. Here are tips on maintaining and caring for facial beauty at night:


1. Cleaning Make-Up

First, the tips keeping the beauty of the face in the evening you have to do is clean your face from the rest of the make-up you wear and dirt that sticks to your face. You can use a very practical way is by using make-up remover that you can get at the supermarkets or mini-mini market nearby. Use a soft cotton, so that all traces of make-up and impurities can be lifted.


2. Using or Facial Foam Cleanser

Second, once you wear make-up remover you must continue using the cleanser. Wash your face using warm water, so that the pores open. Then, use the cleanser evenly on the face, massage, massage, and set aside some time for all the dirt to be lifted, then rinse with cold water wearing.


3. Using Toner

Toner serves as a refresher and can also help cleanse your face from dirt or remnants of make-up that can not be reached by the make-up remover or cleanser.  Tips Beauty Care Face With Natural Ingredients are obliged to try.


4. Using Night Cream

Cream very help treat and moisturize the face you.Highly recommended for those who have facial acne, you want to eliminate black spots , and eliminate wrinkles on your face.


5. Using Face Masks

Face masks can help nourish and care for facial skin can Anda.Anda wearing face masks of beauty products that you believe in, or can also use a natural face mask made from avocado, yam, and so forth.


6. Using Lip Moisturizer

Lips are often forgotten her treatment, when your lips are supple and beautiful can add to your charm. To moisturize and nourish your lips, can use olive oil so that the regeneration of the skin on your lips can take place smoothly.


7. Drink Water Before Bed

The water is very important in the health of the body or face. You do not have to worry about your skin will look dull, because water can neutralize the salt and useless substances from your body.Because besides you take care of your skin from the outside using the products or ingredients of beauty, you also need to take care of your body.


Drink a glass of water before bed can help take care of your skin from your body. In addition to drinking water, taking vitamins and supplements, such as vitamin E, may also be made so that a beauty treatment of your body is getting the maximum.


8. Enough Sleep And Quality

Sleep is one of the most important factors that maintain a healthy body and skin. With enough sleep and quality, not only maintain a healthy body, but also the health of your skin will be maintained. Therefore, you should avoid the habit of staying up you if you do not want your skin looks dull and wrinkled.


Thus the latest information we are entitled to care for and maintain the beauty of the face in the evening , please try Agen Taruhan at home and you do not forget to share and share with your friends who know that more useful tips such.

Create Your Own Residential Outdoor Fireplace

A fireplace to warm the room in the house has been very common at all. If you want to look for something else, fireplace mantel ideas something beautiful and warm that you can create your own home outdoor fireplace.

Making Idea Fireplace Garden Yard House Square Fire Pit


With the outdoor fireplace, you can enjoy the scenery outside the home without having to go to an outdoor restaurant. You can enjoy the outdoor fireplace while drinking tea or dinner with a loved one. Here are some references and how to create their own outdoor fireplace.

1. Outdoor fireplace of large stones


First, you can make a fire in the midst of your backyard. You only need to make a large pile of rocks that circle. These stones are arranged to form a hole. These holes will be filled with material to make a fire, such as fire wood or glass. Then, you just light a fire in the hole.

You can enjoy the simple fireplace outdoors by adding some furniture is minimalist, like a small table to enjoy the food and chairs.

After enjoying the fireplace, you need to close it with a lid made of steel and be sure to close all the holes.


Use if it rains, the hole is not wet and easy to ignite the fire again.

2. Outdoor fireplace that connects to the walls of the house


Fireplace design for your reference the second is by making a hole on the wall of your home delimiter. If your home there is a wall that borders the backyard, you can cut out.

Then, limits between the existing space inside and a gap that will be created fireplace.Note makes divider must be solidly like a wall. This is to prevent the fire burning room in the house.

You can add some furniture in front of the outdoor fireplace, such as tables and chairs for relaxing and enjoying the warm evening with scrumptious food. After that, do not forget to put out the fire and close the fireplace with a board terbiat of thick wood.

An outdoor fireplace at home was not difficult to make. All you need is accuracy and patience to produce outdoor fireplace that is perfect for your family.


If you are looking for or hire the services of interior design , Seekmi have a lot of experience in finding the company that provides this service with a very good experience for your needs.

Sign up soon or contact to get service interior design according to your needs.


Game is one way to win the mind as well as relaxation right. With a graphical display continuously updated, gamers will be pampered with stunning animations.

Tweetmygaming Online Shooter Point Blank Oline

In 2015, there has been a Clash Royale Hack Tool lot of games that appeared in Indonesia both online gaming and android game. Here is a list of new games that you should try.


  1. Point Blank Online    

According to this game is the best FPS online game I’ve ever tried. With stunning 3D views and folders diverse not be surprised if this game more and more in demand by gamers. Although it was chaos because a lot of Situs Judi Bola cheaters, but has recently tried to improve the network Security Garena.


Arguably this is the shooter the most successful online game in Indonesia and deserve crowned choice.

Pointblank team match Russia vs Indonesia can be seen below:



  1. Great Merchant (Xian Eps 2)


This game is an advanced version of the popular online xian in the 2000s. Although renamed Great Merchant, but the game still provides the same features as the first Xian Online Guild War, Real Time Battle and the trading system more diupagrade. If you start playing this game you will be given the option nergara such as Japan, Korea, India and Taiwan.


  1. Final Bullet


Final Bullet comes when Point Blank began to lose its publisher before being received by Garena. What’s interesting about this game is the Bullet Time Mode are able to make player featuring slow motion mode. There was also a Weapon Tuning Mode which serves to enhance the player weapons capability.



  1. Royal Master


Not the only FPS game market share of online games in Indonesia. There are also Action RPG from Megaxus, the Royal Master Online. This game provides three classes that have their respective advantages such as Bear Cat, Priest and Knight. Besides this game also provides call Soul Summon Mode that can help us finish the dungeon.



Want to Appear Beautiful Woman Ala Korea? 7 Follow These Tips

Korea, a country with an abundance of beauty is already widely known, especially with beautiful women beautiful and always look younger, will make all women envious and want gorgeous like them. It is no doubt that many of the and Indonesian women vying to follow the fashion and style, such as women korea.

 korea women beautiful style tips

You need to know, beautiful Korean women not because of fashion and style, course, good looks they get from natural healthy lifestyle and food consumption were always awake. nah for you who want to look beautiful style Korean woman, you should follow a few tips pretty secret style korea woman following.

read also Keeping and Caring Tips Beauty Face At Night

Beauty Tips Ala Korean Women


1. Drink enough water
Most Korean women are very concerned about his condition. They will also routine to drink water to prevent the body has dehidasi. In addition to drinking enough water, korea woman also likes to eat vegetables and fresh fruits to meet the needs of fluid and fiber for the body. With adequate fluid intake, it will always be awake skin health. Liquids also will maintain the condition of the skin to maintain moisture from drying.

2. Routinely wash face
Cleaning face a major step undertaken in facial treatments. The face should be cleaned regularly to avoid any debris that will cause skin problems such as acne and blackheads. Clean the face with cleansing, toning, moisturizing up. First clean the face with a cleansing for about four minutes. Continue using cleansing for two minutes and wash with warm water and repeat with cold water. Also, use a toner that face look fresh throughout the day.

3. facemask
addition to cleaning your face regularly, the Koreans also had to wear a face mask in beauty treatments performed. Best facial mask is a mask that uses natural recipes such as using honey, egg whites or fruit masks. To be more perfect beauty of the face, use a facial mask at least twice each week. Face masks can nourish the skin to make it more beautiful, smooth and flush.

4. Use a neck cream
Besides facials, Koreans also pay attention to the neck treatments. Use neck cream for the treatment of the neck in order to appear more clean and white. So to see the face and neck will be balanced if the neck treatment are also considered.

5. Get enough sleep
enough rest also greatly affect beauty. Sleep deprivation was a beautiful secret Korean style that you need to try. For the period of sleep is a moment best for the skin to regenerate cells. If portions sleep less, then the skin can not be optimal in regeneration. The result will be the symptoms of premature aging such as wrinkles and dry skin. Sleep 7 to 8 hours for the evening and avoid so the body is not exhausted.

6. Beauty products right
Generally most women Korea more attention than the use of make-up treatments. Therefore, if you want to look beautiful style Korean women, do facials well. Do not use makeup that is too heavy or excessive. Use make up just enough so that you can look naturally beautiful like Korean women.

7. Arrange hair
Korean women are also very concerned hairdo. Hence they can perform optimally without makeup stand. Tata your hair to suit your face shape to better fit, so you can look up with the right hair.

How, not hard right to look beautiful like the Korean woman ? Some natural tips above can you follow in order to keep the face look beautiful. What is important advice from, do you not see the outside, but inside as well, so that you can look beautiful inside and out.

5 Hottest and Latest Android Games September 2016

Devices Android is a device that has a lot of interesting applications and one of them is games. Play games is an interesting activity to do -sela interrupted empty time or your spare time. For users of Android devices in particular gamers or very like to play games certainly can not be separated from the application of games on your Android device.

There are so many games that Clash Royale Hack Online are now on the rise in world entertainment arena for android for android smartphone users. Game latest android follows is taken from download highest number on google play store and enthusiasts of the game is quite a lot.

Here we’ll cover in full on the fifth best-selling and latest Android Games , let us consider just the full review.5 Hottest and Latest Android Games

Image result for Raccoon Rising

1. Raccoon Rising

Raccoon Rising is one of the best games and also still fairly new. These games can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store and certainly no less interesting to other games to be played on your Android device. Raccoon Rising is quite interesting to play, we help the raccoon to jump and dodge all the obstacles and pitfalls that arise. To play these games much needed concentration and accuracy so that raccoons can be upwards. Each level of the game has different difficulty levels and the higher the level, the higher the level of difficulty and obstacles.

2. Dream House Days

Dream House Days is a game that requires players to manage an apartment. In these games players can manage the apartments liking. These games run with two missions, the first mission is to make the apartment residents feel safe and comfortable while the second mission is to make the apartment still earn profit or gain. Both of these missions must be conducted properly and games can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.