Turn off Hape When Need

Let not, silent just scared while watching nothing, kept ringing tone you times, then all eyes were fixed on you, can you imagine? So let me safe through silent.

Replace Ear

Bring cotton but or buds, movies online hd if your ears are still less sane, because the ear plug is the most important thing, before going into the cinema room, you will be reminded, check the tickets, and hear the natural voice calls.


When Watching Movies

There are sometimes as he had several times to movies, and can be said to be a professional in terms of watching a movie, so do things – things that bother other spectators. So you should pay attention to it – the following, not to interfere with other people who are watching

Commenting on the scene like a mamak – mamak watching soap operas

Do not like to guess the course of the story in a new film that you watch, I’ll be disturbing other spectators, maybe you have the talent so the director but not so. Watch wrote with wisdom, if you want to guess the story, guess inwardly wrote.

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Put the foot on the head of the audience in front

Put the legs into the bleachers alone is prohibition, leg supposedly you’re at the head of the audience, invites a fight that was his name. Berprilakulah polite, respect the other spectators, never learned the lessons of tolerance in PKN right?

Boker in the bleachers

If you already have the need, just run to the toilet, not in the hold of fear to miss the movie, but when all the toilets do not disturb other spectators, try apologizing if not forgiven wait Eid, may your days until Eid next year. Cara Daftar Sbobet

Main phone or equal telponan mamak

Want to watch ya nontonlah do not play phone, do not pulak nelpon mamak at home because you’ve managed to watch the latest movies in theaters, if there are any important call you and be answered immediately, keep your voice down.

Camping in theaters

Perhaps because the soul burning time in the dark, you immediately set up a tent and burn bonfire in the cinema, do not. Dark cinema because it must focus to the big screen, so do not sleep.Sometimes there are people, AC overslept, because at home we do not have air conditioning.

10 Tips to Make Up Natural Beauty As Korean Women

Trend K-Pop it is becoming a fever in Indonesia today. Fashion, hair, and makeup they always be the center of Indonesian young people dress today. No doubt, it is the Korean style dress is very interesting and unique. Starting from the selection of clothes, colors, aksessoris, haircut, makeup looks glowy. What it looks glowy?

10 Tips to Make Up Natural Beauty As Korean Women

Looks glowy look like glossy but it is clean and healthy. Indeed, the majority of Koreans always apply these techniques in their dressing techniques. Basically, they have a skin type of candles.That is pure white and greasy but looked healthy. Indeed, there is always special care that they do to care for the skin, but the most common is that they always make makeup tricks that look natural yet attractive. You wonder how to make up la korea, let’s consider the following reviews:


Tips Make up naturally beautiful like Korean women

  1. Korean people most like to dye their hair with colors that can give a cheerful effect on the face. For example, yellow is the color brown and blonde.
  2. Facial makeup techniques for women Korea:
  • Prepare tools makeup such as blush, eye liner, liquid foundation, powder blushes, bb cream, peach-colored lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, eye brow.
  • First wash your face terlenih first. Afterwards Wraps liquid foundation evenly all over your face.
  • After evenly, cover with bb cream, remember not thick and try to flatten.
    Then sprinkle the powder over the entire face
  • Eye makeup: Dab according seleraanda eye shadow color. Usually the Koreans prefer the choice of bright colors.
  • Then make eye eyeliner on your upper limit. Draw a line that is neat and nice.
    Then flip your lashes and add mascara to give your lashes volume
    If eye makeup has been completed , it’s time to do makeup on the cheeks. Give blush on your cheeks. Provide a way that rotating direction of the brush.
  • After a cheek makeup is complete, it’s time to do makeup on the lips. Apply a peach-colored lipstick on your lips evenly, if you want to give glowy effect, do not forget to give lip gloss.
  • If you want a very glowy effect, you can add Shimer on certain parts such as the end of the cheeks, chin and nose bone.
  • Wear comfortable clothing to the event. Choose a bright color.
  • Do not forget to arrange your hair according to the event you will attend. If it’s a casual event, simply by tying your hair in the back.

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How, how easy is it? That tips to look beautiful style of Korean women can you practice at home, luck and hopefully useful. do not forget to share this article naturally look beautiful on your friends by pressing the button below.


Have a face with freckles or acne scars usually make the confidence person that wracked be reduced. After successfully overcoming the problem of acne it will pop up the next stage, namely how to overcome acne scars that made an impression. Surely need handling are no less time to remove acne.

Acne scars are usually caused when someone often holds the hands dirty with acne. The possibility of the dirty hands contains many bacteria that can aggravate acne scarring circumstances. In addition, squeeze acne is also one of the following is the cause of the appearance of acne scars .


How To Remove Acne Scars Naturally

If it is so typically you will perform various treatment eliminates the acne scars. But not all the ways it delivers maximum results. If it is so you can try to tackle acne scars naturally at home.

Coping With Acne Scars Olive Oil

The first way in removing acne scars is to use olive oil. Olive oil is from formerly Scorpion is believed to be rich in health benefits including the problem of acne scars. Not only that, it turned out the tablets when the face often in treatment with olive oil will make the face more clean and smooth.

Please Read : 10 Tips to Make Up Natural Beauty As Korean Women

You can buy olive oil in cosmetics stores or pharmacies. Don’t forget to buy a genuine olive oil, where there is a mixture of the oils of any kind. Its application is quite easy i.e. apply olive oil on a daily basis, at the time of impending sleep across the face. Clear in the morning. So that you get maximum results do this activity routinely and regularly. Interesting article: eliminate acne naturally.

Get Rid Of Acne Scars With Tomatoes As A Mask

The tomato is one of the natural ingredients are quite powerful and one of the ingredients of how to remove acne scars. Not a secret anymore, vitamin c in tomatoes, can help erode the acne scars that are stubborn and hard to be eliminated.

How to cultivate tomatoes and make it as the mask is very easy and does not require a long time. First of all prepare one or two tomatoes which are not overcooked. The next blender without adding water, let stand until smooth.

The mask is ready-to-use you only need to put the tomatoes already mixed evenly to entire face. After a few minutes let stand evenly to dry, then clean with the use of cold water.

Pick Your Acne Scars On The Face With Aloe Vera

Maybe that we often with that Aloe Vera for hair care dry it or lengthen hair. However, it should be also noted that in addition to nourish hair, Aloe Vera can also be used as one way of removing acne scars fast. Aloe Vera will create black stain your acne scars fade slowly and finally disappeared.

The way the process is not hard kok, take one Aloe Vera trunk then dividing into two. The next step that is taking the aloe vera gel is then added the juice of lemon or honey. If no additional then the only Aloe Vera gel also does nothing. Then apply the Herb last to entire face up evenly, let stand 15 to 25 minutes. After that you can rinse the face to clean there is no mark again.

Using Garlic To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

How to remove acne scars which further is to use garlic. Garlic is one of the ingredients that often you come across while you are in the kitchen. Garlic is used as a cooking spice is also believed to be able to remove acne scars naturally.

pun alias very easy is not difficult at all. You just have to prepare 3 to 5 pieces of garlic that later you mashed the garlic until smooth. After a smooth sweep to the areas of the face that there are former until evenly distributed. only in areas not acne scars which are breakouts of acne because if it is, there’s still going to be very painful. Then let sit until it dries, then rinse with cold water until clean.

The ways if done regularly, can make acne scars fade. You can add honey or lemon mixture. These two ingredients are very effective at relieving acne scars. Facial breakouts indeed should be cared for properly. After conducting activities outdoors, immediately clean the face. Because of the dirt and dust is trigger the emergence of acne. So a little review on how to remove acne scars. Hopefully can provide useful information for you.


Everyone certainly does not want to if his mouth issued a foul scent. Bad breath coming out will certainly be very troubling not only yourself but also others. It will also make people feel angry and also could embarrass those who experienced it. Therefore, bad breath is not supposed to be retained but should be immediately removed.


How to eliminate bad breath is not tasty

Underarm odor and foul mouth odor can also lower a person’s credibility. So could bring up a negative image of another person if the person who had bad breath are people who traipse and don’t like keeping it clean. This could be a bigger problem if you are a businessperson who works always have to talk to colleagues who surely need the foul smell coming out of the mouth.


Then what causes bad breath? before talking how to remove bad breath, it’s good we know some of the reasons a person’s mouth can make it smell that is among other things:


Less can maintain oral hygiene. Be sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day, morning and night before you sleep.
Eat foods trigger bad breath such as MLA in Curry. The Fed indeed taste good, but of course the foul mouth odor.

The habit of smoking can also make the breath of people who smoke become unpleasant. So many of the dangers of smoking, otherwise it will cause your mouth smell tobacco and tasted sour at any time.
Sore mouth ulcers. The appearance of canker sores can also cause bad breath foul. thrush you immediately.

Forget going to breakfast. The custom of not eating in the morning can cause bad breath foul. Should be sure to brush your teeth after breakfast.
The presence of disorders of the teeth such as hollow teeth. Bacteria on the teeth cavities also raises smell foul mouth. Especially at a time when our lazy toothache, once a toothbrush and put healthy food through the mouth due to withstand the pain of the teeth.

Then how do I handle it when we’ve already bad breath? Here is how to eliminate bad breath that uses natural ingredients and easy practices include:


Cinnamon or commonly called cinnamon, cinnamic aldehyde, i.e. containing essential oils which not only cover the bad breath, but also reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth. For treating bad breath you can try the following ways:

Simmer one teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of water. You can also add the cardamom mountains leaf. Strain the water, use it as a mouthwash. Do this the US often us possible until the bad breath disappear.


Clove is a natural ingredient to freshen breath and has antibacterial properties which is great for getting rid of bad breath.

Clove: traditional materials penghilan bad breath
➡ How to: Prepare a few seeds and cloves, then chewing until crushed. Chew for several minutes. In addition, you can also make a tea of clove. Prepare your water, add one teaspoon of cloves and hard-boiled until cooked for 5-10 minutes. Drink tea or simply used as a mouthwash twice a day.


Parsley contains chlorophyll which can help neutralize bad breath. The trick is quite easy, just chew a fresh sprig of parsley to freshen breath. You can also mix the parsley in the vinegar and then chewed slowly for a few minutes. In addition, you can also use the juice of the leaves of parsley and drink it anytime when you want to freshen bad breath.


Lemon juice has been used as a way of eliminating bad breath naturally in developed countries. In addition to such beauty as a natural bleach, acid in the lemon serves to prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth. In addition, a pleasant smell of lemon helps mask the odor that comes from the mouth.

In addition to delicious, nutritious lemon juice for bad breath
➡ How: make lemon juice is thick then and rinse the mouth with how to gargle a few minutes. You can also add a little salt. Natural way also helps to overcome the problem of dry mouth which is one cause of bad breath.


Apple Cider vinegar has a pH balancer, which can overcome the bad breath.

➡ How: stir in a tablespoon of Apple Cider vinegar into a glass of water and drink every time before you eat. Vinegar is good for digestion and cure bad breath. In addition, you can also gargle with vinegar mixed in a little water every day.


Baking soda or bicarbonate of soda, is the natural ingredients to eliminate and prevent bad breath. Baking soda helps balance the levels of acids that cause bad breath.

How: Mix one half teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water and use it as a mouthwash once a day until the bad breath disappear. Other alternatives: with brushing your teeth with baking soda. This will help reduce the acidity in the mouth and prevent the bacteria that are on your tongue


A dry mouth is the source of bad breath. Saliva helps keep your mouth moist in order to serve as an antiseptic and an enzyme that kills bacteria. That’s why more breath smell in the morning because the mouth produces a little drool during sleep. How to keep your mouth moist?

Chewing gum. In addition to mask the smell with some type of scent that is fresh, chewing gum also stimulates the production of saliva. But avoid sweets flavored mints, as mints do not encourage saliva production. Choose quality chewing gum. Chewing gum that is random and even cause your teeth ache.

Drinking water. Drink lots of water and use water with rinse between the sidelines of your teeth. Water does not always increase production of saliva, but it will clean your mouth and it was good to make your mouth remain moist.

Dry mouth can be caused by certain drugs and medical conditions. Consult the doctor about medications you consume and tell me about the side effects of your mouth dry.

Please gargle to cleanse the remains of a meal on your mouth. You can also use a mouthwash that is hygienic and quality that you can buy on the market.


Maintain oral hygiene by means of brush your teeth regularly. Brush your teeth on a regular basis is beneficial to remove the smell of your mouth. Try to brush your teeth after eating regularly.

brush your teeth
Brush your teeth is the most important thing

Smoking causes bad breath foul disliked person or you’re talking to. Besides being bad for health, stop the smoking habit also reduces bad breath that does not.


How it feels when you’re in one narrow space alongside your friends, suddenly wafted fragrance super sting your nose that comes from your armpits. What would you do? Hold your breath? Probably yes. Or if you’re a person who can’t wait, could-be mad at your friend. But what if the reverse happened? You turned out to be removing the unpleasant aroma from your armpits to your friend in the room? Could certainly a shame if yes.

Not to mention if your friend was in addition to restrain angry, then she’s the story to your friends to another if your armpit odor. The more it gets worse again when your friend the story got to the ears of your boss. Ouch so absurdly certainly, émigré may shame you responsibility. Therefore from now on have to keep scent body especially the armpit.



Underarm odor problems can be great when people who have a tendency to perspire easily. Causes of underarm odor is due to excessive sweating and if not cleaned immediately will arise a sweat. A little sweat, then it could bother people. Some other causes that can cause underarm odor is because of the food factor, the hormones in the body, could even be also there is an imbalance in the diet. It could be the presence of dead skin cells coupled with bacteria that exist in the armpit.


There are many ways of eliminating the smell of armpits, some of them namely, among others:

1. using LIME

If we know the benefits of previous lime to Redden the lips, it turned out that the existing content in the lime can kill the bacteria the cause of body odor. Lemons can also help increase the PH of the skin.

Lime increase the PH of the skin
It’s easy, you cut the lime into two parts and then rub it on your underarm, wait until a bit dry, and then clear. You also can use the lime juice, do I squeeze a few drops of lemon juice and mix with the betel leaf, and then DAB at the foul odor that is not due to sweat. Do not forget to rinse with clean water after finished doing it.


Apple Cider vinegar is a natural ingredients rich in benefits. Apple Cider vinegar is one of the best alternative substitute for deodorant. Contains anti-bacterial, against growth of bacteria.

Here’s how: pour the Apple Cider vinegar to taste in a bowl. Dip a cotton ball in it, then sweep in your armpit. This will reduce the pH of the skin, so in turn will eliminate the smell of armpits. In addition, you can also make a ‘ perfume ‘ by filling the water and Apple Cider vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray your armpit armpit smell does not begin to appear.


In addition to being able to eliminate bad breath, the acidic properties in the lemon helps kill odor-causing bacteria on your armpits. Lemon also functions change the pH level of the skin.

Lemon rid of odor-causing bacteria
Here’s how: Slice a lemon and rub it gently on your armpit. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Use regularly to your armpit odor disappeared. Another way: with a squeeze of fresh lemon. The juice of the lemon and then applied to the armpits. In addition to rewarding overcome the stench of sweat, it can also reduce the dark color on the armpits. Another way you can also practise routine by applying lemon juice on your underarms after bathing setiapkali. As deodorizers, enter the lemon juice plus water, then put into a spray bottle.


In addition to being used as food ingredients, baking soda is an effective natural remedy for overcoming the underarm odor.

Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix well and apply to the armpit. Leave for some time. Then rinse with clean water. Another way is to mix the cornstarch with a little baking soda and apply it in your armpit. This blend is beneficial to absorb excess sweat on the armpits.


In addition to the wonderful shape of roses and fragrant smells, the drug is efficacious is to eliminate the smell of armpits. The trick is pretty easy, mix roses with water, then wring it out. Apply rose water under the arms and other parts of your body smell. Do routinely to smell your armpit is reduced.


Tea tree oil is very effective against underarm odor. You can purchase at hypermarkets. Anti-bacterial on tea tree oil prevent bacteria on the armpits.

The trick is to add two drops of tea tree oil in 1 glass of water. Then stir it evenly. Enter in a spray bottle and use as deodorant routine to prevent odors at the armpit. You can also apply tea tree oil directly on your armpit by way of applying.


Peppermint oil is known as natural ingredients to fight bacteria and get rid of smells at the armpit.

To remove the smell of armpits, simply squirt of peppermint oil in the Palm of your hands and then rub it gently in the armpit area. Another way i.e. prepare a spray bottle and put a few drops of peppermint oil mixed with water. Use this routine as a natural deodorant.


Tomato in addition beneficial for Acne removal, it is also able to heal your armpit odor. Prepare 1-2 plum tomatoes, and stir until it becomes mush. Apply the tomato pulp in your armpit. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Do this for a few weeks, he will smell your armpit will be reduced.


Lavender oil is not only beneficial for the mengihlangkan odor but also helps kill the bacteria causes the smell. In addition, lavender oil has antifungal properties that are effective in treating smelly armpits.

Here’s how: Mix to taste of essential lavender oil into the warm water, and then stir. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and then apply to your armpits. Let subs 15-20 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Repeat this two times per day for several days.


Black tea contains tannic acid, which helps kill the bacteria the causes of smelly armpits. black tea is also beneficial to close skin pores, thus reducing the amount of sweat that causes bacteria thrives.

Here’s how: Boil 1 tea bag black with 1 cup water. Prepare a cotton ball, and then apply it to the area of the armpit. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes then rinse with clean water. Do this every day for about a week.


You know a radish? You can get the turnip in traditional markets or supermarkets. Make juice from the radish. Then fill in a small bottle of perfume you scars. Always bring the radish juice where you go, aja and spray in the armpits at times your armpit odor. Easy isn’t it?


Sage is a popular herbal remedy useful to resolve the smell of armpits. Sage worked actively on the sweat glands in the armpit that is there, so as to prevent the emergence of excessive sweating.

Here’s how: Prepare leaves sage and soak in 1 cup water. Then rerendam a cotton ball in it and then rub the cotton ball in the armpit. After some time and dries, repeat this process up to 3 x. Afterwards rinse with clean water.


Sandalwood powder in addition to having a fresh scent, when applied on the skin are also soothing. This helps in eliminating odors at the armpit.

Here’s how: Prepare a paste composed of sandalwood powder is added to the water to taste, then mix until evenly distributed. Apply the mixture on the underarms let until dry, then wash with clean water. You can also mix white vinegar with sandalwood powder. When you are finished showering, apply this mixture on your armpits. This mixture is to act as a natural deodorant.


Alcohol is a drug that’s safe to remove the smell of armpits. To stop underarm sweat smell, simply rub the soft cotton mixed with alcohol. The use of alcohol on the skin can help close the pores, thus reducing the excess oil. Volatile alcohol in turn will vaporize the smell that is in the armpit.


How to eliminate underarm odor using deodorant is indeed most do because the process is instant, but the results also could not be permanent. You can use a deodorant products is currently widely available in the market. E.g. in mini super market or even in any store is now widely available. Choose a quality product and match it with your body and your armpit.


Acne scars is actually the process of healing and repair damage caused by pimples on the skin tissue. During this process, the skin produce collagen, a substance that supports repair skin tissue was not enough (or too much) collagen is produced, so came the acne scars. The lack of production of collagen makes skin becomes depressed and hollow, while excess collagen cause the skin to be uplifted and emerged spots and flecks of black.


How to remove acne scars

In health, acne scars is not annoying, but it can decrease a person’s self-confidence. Most of the acne scars will actually fade away by itself after a few months, but there are certain ways that can be done to help speed up the process and avoid the emergence of back acne. How to remove acne scars naturally we discussed not this time instant that can make acne scars disappear within a day. But this natural way has advantages compared to using dangerous chemicals or cosmetics, namely low cost, easy to apply and easy to get the material. (Read also: 5 ways to Remove Blackheads naturally and fast)


No need to require a lot of expensive cost to eliminate acne scars. You could try with natural ingredients that are easily found around us. Some how to remove acne scars naturally and quickly you can do at home that is, among other things:

1. Use the tomatoes. Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A and Lycopene, which helps nutrients and rejuvenating the skin. Vitamin A helps the healing of wounds in the skin and help the rapid growth of skin cells, so it will reduce acne scars. Here’s how: prepare fresh tomatoes and thinly sliced. Place the tomato slices on the breakouts area, leave it for 15-20 minutes then rinse with clean water. You can also make a paste from tomatoes as a face mask. Blend 1 tomato, after gently, apply evenly to the face, wait for 20-30 minutes then rinse with clean water. Do this two days in every week regularly.

2. using the juice of a lime. Lemons contain natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may be used to improve fades scars, healing and rejuvenating the skin. The trick is to grab some lime juice. Squeeze as much as one to two lemons. Then use the water the juice to the faces of which there are former jerawatnya. Let stand about 15 minutes then rinse face denganair to clean. Do this about 3 times a week.

3. Use olive oil. Olive oil has been known since ancient times. In addition can be used as ingredients for cooking, it turns out that olive oil is also very good for skin health. You can buy oil zaitu packaging in stores. How pemakainnya you simply apply the oil to the pimple before going to bed at night and early morning.

4. Use sugar scrubs. This is the way of therapy to heal acne scars. You simply provide the sugar and olive oil to make a homemade sugar scrub. Pure sugar it contains glycolic acid and AHAS, which serves to clean the dead skin cells and enhances cell regeneration. How: Mix 2 scoops of sugar (pure/organic) with 1 spoonful of olive oil, then add a few drops of lime juice, and then make the dough into the scrub. Apply the brown sugar scrub on acne scars, leave it on for about fifteen minutes, then wash it with clean water. Do every day.

5. Use honey. Honey is a natural moisturizer, as ingredients to cleanse acne and reduce acne scars. This is because honey contains antibacterial properties and is helps neutralize existing substances in the skin and reduce inflammation. To make it more effective, we recommend that you use the natural, isn’t it honey honey processed already shaped products. How easy life sukup, you can apply directly to the area of honey acne scars.

6. Use the Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a potential source of vitamins that can help to cure acne scars and wounds. Gelnya soft, will not damage your skin. Aloe Vera can also serve as a natural moisturizer, which makes the skin becomes soft and healthy. Usage is also quite easy, cut Aloe Vera as needed, Peel his skin and squeeze the gel in it. After getting enough, apply Aloe Vera gel to the area of acne scars by performing a massage-a massage gently. Let submarines more or less 30 minutes, then rinse with clean water.

7. Use the cucumber. Cucumber is a great natural ingredient for facial treatments. Not only good for vegetables, cucumbers contain vitamin A, vitamin C and magnesium, which are beneficial both to your skin. How to use cucumbers for healing acne scars, you can simply buy cucumbers (organic), then cut some thin slices. Then place sliced cucumber on acne scars and skin sores. After about thirty minutes, take the cucumber slices and rinse face with clean water. Repeat every day to get maximum results.

8. using green tea + ice cubes. How to remove acne scars that last is using green ice tea. Ice cubes are a very simple natural ingredients that can help fades acne scars, inflamed skin and reduce skin redness on the face. How to use it is quite easy. Make green tea and then just wrap it with plastic wrap. Put it in the fridge and make ice cubes. After being ice, apply and put the ice on the injured area for about 1-2 minutes until skin feels numb. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that complement the cooling effect of the ice. Do this setiapp day for maximum results.

9. Potato juice. Potatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals. Other than as a source of food, potatoes are also beneficial for the health of the skin and wound healing. Here’s how: prepare fresh potatoes, then cut thinly. Add the water, then make potato juice (do not dilute). After that apply potato juice to acne scars while doing a massage gently and rotate. Let the first for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. For maximum results, do this 3-5 times a day.

10. Baking Soda. Baking soda is a household item that many benefits, including the ability to help heal the scars. Baking soda sodium bicarbonate crystals consist of soft serve to exfoliate the skin when used as scrub cleanser. Here’s how: combine 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda with enough water to make a thick paste. After that apply evenly to acne scars are and then do a massage gently in play. Leave it in the past for a minute or two, to make the baking soda work cleans pores and remove stains on the skin. After that clean your face with warm water. Do this once per day for maximum results.

That is some how to remove acne scars that you can try at home, is course and costs are cheap and easily obtained materials. You can apply one of the above eight tips that if suitable for your skin. The results are not instant yet safe way to your face. Please try.